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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Models for oxygen consumption and cardiac output as response to treadmill exerciseŠtork, Milan; Novák, Jaroslav
2019Models of physiological parameters for runners and cyclistsŠtork, Milan; Novák, Jaroslav; Zeman, Vaclav
2019Modified tellegen principle used for power and energy systems modelingŠtork, Milan; Mayer, Daniel
2019Modified Tellegen Principle Used for Power and Energy Systems ModelingŠtork, Milan; Mayer, Daniel
2016Monitoring of a skin temperature in vicinity of a surgical woundTolar, David; Štork, Milan
2015A new chaotic system based on state space energy feedbackŠtork, Milan; Hrušák, Josef; Mayer, Daniel
2020Non Contact Methods of Heart Rate Variability Measuring and AnalysisŠtork, Milan; Houzar, Josef
2020Non contact methods of heart rate variability measuring and analysisŠtork, Milan; Houzar, Josef
2015Pacemaker leads place optimization based on vectorcardiography signal processingŠtork, Milan; Vančura, Vlastimil
2018Patient Model and One New Possibility Evaluation of Anaerobic TestŠtork, Milan; Novák, Jaroslav
2018RLC Ladder Oscillators Controlled by Energy ApproachŠtork, Milan; Mayer, Daniel
2020Simple amplitude control and frequency correction of recursive sine wave digital oscillatorsŠtork, Milan
2019Srovnání normativů tělesné zdatnosti čs. populace z r. 1976 se současnou sportující a nesportující populacíNovák, Jaroslav; Votík, Jaromír; Štork, Milan; Zeman, Václav
2016Use of accelerometer for walk-run or shot analysis for sport and rehabilitation purposesŠtork, Milan; Weissar, Petr; Kosturik, Kamil; Novák, Jaroslav; Zeman, Václav
2015Various approaches to driver fatigue detection: A reviewŠtork, Milan; Skála, Jiří; Weissar, Petr; Holota, Radek; Kubík, Zdeněk
2015Wrist cuff method determines diastolic pressure in dual cuff blood pressure systemJílek, Jiří; Štork, Milan
2007A wrist cuff method for acquisition and analysis of radial artery waveforms used for blood pressure measuringJílek, Jiří; Štork, Milan