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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A compact low-pass filter with simple structure and sharp roll-offJamshidi, Mohammad; Roshani, Saeed; Roshani, Sobhan; Talla, Jakub
2020A compact lowpass filter for satellite communication systems based on transfer function analysisLalbakhsh, A.; Jamshidi, Mohammad; Siahkamari, Hesam; Ghaderi, Amirhossien; Golestanifar, Alireza; Linhart, Richard; Talla, Jakub; Simorangkir, Roy B.V.B.; Mandal, Kaushik
2020Deep learning techniques for model reference adaptive control and identification of complex systemsJamshidi, Mohammad; Talla, Jakub; Peroutka, Zdeněk
2021Design and modeling of a compact power divider with squared resonators using artificial intelligenceRoshani, Saeed; Jamshidi, Mohammad; Mohebi, Farzad; Roshani, Sobhan
2020A design of a dual-band bandpass filter based on modal analysis for modern communication systemsLalbakhsh, Ali; Alizadeh, Seyed Morteza; Ghaderi, Amirhossein H.; Golestanifar, Alireza R.; Mohamadzade, Bahare; Jamshidi, Mohammad; Mandal, Kaushik; Mohyuddin, Wahab
2020A novel filter-based power divider for wireless communication in intelligent transportation systemsJamshidi, Mohammad; Roshani, Saeed; Talla, Jakub; Peroutka, Zdeněk; Roshani, Sobhan
2021Size reduction and performance improvement of a microstrip Wilkinson power divider using a hybrid design techniqueJamshidi, Mohammad; Roshani, Saeed; Talla, Jakub; Roshani, Sobhan; Peroutka, Zdeněk
2020Using an ANN approach to estimate output power and PAE of a modified class-F power amplifierJamshidi, Mohammad; Roshani, Saeed; Talla, Jakub; Roshani, Sobhan