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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Magnetic wheel optimization for undercarriage of self-acting robotKindl, Vladimír; Pechánek, Roman; Předota, Antonín
2020Measurement of the effects of higher harmonic injection on nine-phase induction motorKalaj, Patrik; Čermák, Radek; Frank, Zdeněk; Kindl, Vladimír; Komrska, Tomáš; Laksar, Jan; Peroutka, Zdeněk
2019New electrical parameters extraction method based on simplified 3D model using finite element analysisGonzalez-Teodoro, Jorge Rafael; Romero-Cadaval, Enrique González; Asensi, Rafael; Prieto, Roberto; Kindl, Vladimír
2020Nine-phase induction motor with harmonie injection and different winding topologyČermák, Radek; Kindl, Vladimír; Laksar, Jan; Frank, Zdeněk; Komrska, Tomáš
2020Ovality and tightening force analysis of large induction machine rotorSkala, Bohumil; Kindl, Vladimír; Byrtus, Miroslav; Pudil, Eduard; Longin, Václav; Křelovec, Zdeněk; Lábadi, Jiří
2020Review of time and space harmonics in multi-phase induction machineKindl, Vladimír; Čermák, Radek; Ferková, Želmíra; Skala, Bohumil
2020Sensorless control strategy of cooler for reduction dimensions and operating characteristic improvement in double three-phase inverterZavřel, Martin; Kindl, Vladimír; Pechánek, Roman; Franc, Jiří
2020Spatial harmonics in multi-phase induction machineKindl, Vladimír; Ferková, Želmíra; Čermák, Radek
2019Ventilation system with skewed rotor cooling ducts of 40-MW synchronous machine: a case studyFranc, Jiří; Pechánek, Roman; Kindl, Vladimír; Zavřel, Martin
2020Wireless power transfer system design methodology - analysis, design, verificationFrivaldský, Michal; Pavelek, Miroslav; Kindl, Vladimír; Zavřel, Martin