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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Algorithm for placement of reference points and choice of an appropriate variable shape parameter for the RBF approximationMajdišová, Zuzana; Skala, Václav; Šmolík, Michal
2019Determination of Stationary Points and Their Bindings in Dataset Using RBF MethodsMajdišová, Zuzana; Skala, Václav; Šmolík, Michal
2019Efficient Simple Large Scattered 3D Vector Fields Radial Basis Functions Approximation Using Space SubdivisionŠmolík, Michal; Skala, Václav
2018Geometric Product for Multidimensional Dynamical Systems - Laplace Transform and Geometric AlgebraSkala, Václav; Šmolík, Michal; Martynova, Mariia
2019Incremental Meshfree Approximation of Real Geographic DataMajdišová, Zuzana; Skala, Václav; Šmolík, Michal
2013Metody triangulace v paralelním prostředíŠmolík, Michal
2019A New Approach to Vector Field Interpolation, Classification and Robust Critical Points Detection Using Radial Basis FunctionsSkala, Václav; Šmolík, Michal
2019A new simple, fast and robust total least square error computation in E2: Experimental comparisonŠmolík, Michal; Skala, Václav; Majdišová, Zuzana
2019A new Strategy for Scattered Data Approximation Using Radial Basis Functions Respecting Points of InflectionČervenka, Martin; Šmolík, Michal; Skala, Václav
2019Simple and Fast Oexp(N) Algorithm for Finding an Exact Maximum Distance in E2 Instead of O(N^2) or O(N lgN)Skala, Václav; Šmolík, Michal
2016Visualization methods for large n-dimensional and t-variant data: technical report no. DCSE/TR-2016-06Šmolík, Michal