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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Acknowledged data transmissions in wireless sensor network with optimized sensor energy consumptionTolar, David; Štork, Milan
2020Acquisition of Cuff-Pulse Waveforms for Estimation of Central Blood Pressure and Additional Hemodynamic VariablesJílek, Jiří; Štork, Milan
2019Adaptive Control System for Autonomous Vehicle Path FollowingŠtork, Milan; Pinker, Jiří; Weissar, Petr
2019Adaptive control system for autonomous vehicle path followingŠtork, Milan; Pinker, Jiří; Weissar, Petr
2013Analysis and Synthesis of Realizable Non-equilibrium Dissipative StructuresHrušák, Josef; Štork, Milan; Mayer, Daniel
2017Assessing left ventricular ejection time from wrist cuff pulse waveforms: Algorithm and evaluationJílek, Jiří; Štork, Milan
2019Assessment of Three Multiple Cuff Blood Pressure DevicesJílek, Jiří; Štork, Milan
2019Assessment of three multiple cuff blood pressure devicesJílek, Jiří; Štork, Milan
2019Cardiac Mathematical Models for Exercise Testing on Treadmill ErgometerŠtork, Milan; Novák, Jaroslav; Brož, Pavel
2019Cardiac mathematical models for exercise testing on treadmill ergometerŠtork, Milan; Novák, Jaroslav; Brož, Pavel
2019Cardiac output estimation for marathon runners and its mathematical modelŠtork, Milan; Novák, Jaroslav; Brož, Pavel
2019Chaotic system based on mutually connected digital oscillatorsŠtork, Milan
2020Characteristic of some physiological parameters based on bicycle and treadmill exercise testingŠtork, Milan; Novák, Jaroslav
2007Coincidence mixer for frequency synthesizerŠtork, Milan
2015Control system approach to the dynamics of nonidentical Josephson junction systemsŠtork, Milan; Kurt, Erol
2016Determination of systolic, mean and diastolic blood pressures with Dual cuff system is based on physiologyJílek, Jiří; Štork, Milan
2018Development of a Public Database of Raw Data From a Blood Pressure CuffJílek, Jiří; Štork, Milan
2019Digital and analog systems for pulse width modulation with variable frequencyŠtork, Milan
2020Digital sinusoidal recursive oscillators with quadrature and three phase outputsŠtork, Milan
2019Direct currents in power transformersŠtork, Milan; Mayer, Daniel