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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Acoustic waves in fluid-saturated periodic scaffoldsRohan, Eduard; Cimrman, Robert
2020Acoustic waves in homogenized fluid-saturated deforming periodic scaffolds under permanent flowRohan, Eduard; Cimrman, Robert; Naili, Salah
2013Cortical bone tissue modelled as double-porous medium: parameter studyTurjanicová, Jana; Rohan, Eduard; Naili, Salah; Cimrman, Robert
2010esofspyKochová, Petra; Cimrman, Robert
2020Evaluating Hellmann-Feynman forces within non-local pseudopotentialsNovák, Matyáš; Vackář, Jiří; Cimrman, Robert
2021Fast evaluation of finite element weak forms using python tensor contraction packagesCimrman, Robert
2009GenseiKochová, Petra; Cimrman, Robert; Tonar, Zbyněk
2019The histological microstructure and in vitro mechanical properties of pregnant and postmenopausal ewe perineal bodyKochová, Petra; Hympánová, Lucie; Rynkevic, Rita; Cimrman, Robert; Tonar, Zbyněk; Deprest, Jan; Kališ, Vladimír
2011How to asses, visualize and compare the anisotropy of linear structures reconstructed from optical sections?: a study based on histopathological quantification of human brain microvesselsKochová, Petra; Cimrman, Robert; Janáček, Jiří; Witter, Kirsti; Tonar, Zbyněk
2021Identification of the LLDPE Constitutive Material Model for Energy Absorption in Impact ApplicationsHynčík, Luděk; Kochová, Petra; Špička, Jan; Bońkowski, Tomasz; Cimrman, Robert; Kaňáková, Sandra; Kottner, Radek; Pašek, Miloslav
2009Implementation of skeletal muscle model with advanced activation controlKocková, Hana; Cimrman, Robert
2018Isogeometrická analýza ve výpočtech elektronových strukturCimrman, Robert; Novák, Matyáš; Kolman, Radek; Tůma, Miroslav; Vackář, Jiří
2019Mechanical and structural properties of human aortic and pulmonary allografts do not deteriorate in the first 10 years of cryopreservation and storage in nitrogenFiala, Radovan; Kochová, Petra; Kubíková, Tereza; Cimrman, Robert; Tonar, Zbyněk; Špatenka, Jaroslav; Fabián, Ondřej; Burkert, Jan
2018Mixing algorithms for fixed-point iterations in self-consistent electronic structure calculationsNovák, Matyáš; Cimrman, Robert; Lukeš, Vladimír; Rohan, Eduard; Vackář, Jiří
2021Modelling of acoustic waves in homogenized fluid-saturated deforming poroelastic periodic structures under permanent flowRohan, Eduard; Cimrman, Robert; Naili, Salah
2021Modelling wave dispersion in fluid saturating periodic scaffoldsRohan, Eduard; Cimrman, Robert
2019Multiscale finite element calculations in Python using SfePyCimrman, Robert; Lukeš, Vladimír; Rohan, Eduard
2010On acoustic band gaps in homogenized piezoelectric phononic materialsRohan, Eduard; Cimrman, Robert
2007On shape optimization of conduits with incompressible flowCimrman, Robert; Rohan, Eduard
2019Optimization of Pseudopotentials for Electronic Structure CalculationsCimrman, Robert; Vackář, Jiří; Novák, Matyáš