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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007F0 transformation within the voice conversion frameworkHanzlíček, Zdeněk; Matoušek, Jindřich
2018Fabrication and Characterization of a p-AgO/PSi/n-Si Heterojunction for Solar Cell ApplicationsHabubi, Nadir F.; Abd, Ahmed N.; Dawood, Mohammed O.; Al-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak
2010A Facade Tracking System for Outdoor Augmented RealityMartins, José F.; Silva, Jorge A.; de Sousa, A. Augusto
2004Face and hands segmentation in color images and initial matching with a biomechanical modelBuades, Jose Maria Rubio; Gonzáles, Manuel Hidalgo; Perales, Francisco Jose
2004Face identification based on biological trait using infrared images after cold effect enhancement and sunglasses filteringSiddiqui, Raheel; Sher, Muhammad; Rashid, Khalid
2007Face Recognition under Varying IlluminationVucini, E.; Gokmen, M.; Groller, E.
2016Face tracking using a combination of colour and pattern matching based on particle filterGonzalez, Matilde; Collet, Christophe
2006Face-Based Perceptual Interface for Computer- Human interactionManresa-Yee, Cristina; Varona, Javier; Perales, Francisco J.
2012Facebook advertising and its efficiency on the slovak marketVejačka, Martin
2019Facebook and Public Relations in Higher Education. A Case Study of Selected Faculties from the Czech Republic and SlovakiaEger, Ludvík; Egerová, Dana; Krystoň, Miroslav
2016Facial expression recognition using salient facial patchesMliki, Hazar; Hammami, Mohamed
2010Facial Feature Detection and Tracking with a 3D ConstrainedYu, Meng; Tiddeman, Bernard P.
2013A facial motion tracking and transfer method based on a key point detectionAkagi, Yasuhiro; Furukawa, Ryo; Sagawa, Ryusuke; Ogawara, Koichi; Kawasaki, Hiroshi
2019Facilitating Digital Humanities Research in Central Europe through the Advanced Speech and Image Processing TechnologiesŠvec, Jan; Stanislav, Petr; Hrúz, Marek; Pražák, Aleš; Psutka, Josef; Ircing, Pavel
2013Facility management jako nástroj pro řízení podpůrných \nl{}činností při správě budovBochinský, Michal
2012Factor analysis and nuisance attribute projection revisitedMachlica, Lukáš; Zajíc, Zbyněk
2017Factors affecting sensitivity of commercial banks to bank run in the Visegrad countriesKlepková Vodová, Pavla; Stavárek, Daniel
2012Factors affecting the results of electrical insulation diagnostic testsĎurman, Vladimír
2019Factors determining profitability of small and medium enterprises in selected industry of mechanical engineering in the Slovak republic: the empirical studyLesáková, Ľubica; Ondrušová, Andrea; Vinczeová, Miroslava
2015Factors determining the corporate capital structure in the Czech republic from the perspective of business entitiesStrýčková, Lenka