Title: Real-time visualization of Moebius transformations in space using Quaternionic-Bezier approach
Authors: Karpavicius, Vytautas
Krasauskas, Rimvydas
Citation: WSCG 2013: Communication Papers Proceedings: 21st International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision in co-operation with EUROGRAPHICS Association, p. 259-266.
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Václav Skala - UNION Agency
Document type: konferenční příspěvek
URI: http://wscg.zcu.cz/WSCG2013/!_2013-WSCG-Communications-proceedings.pdf
ISBN: 978-80-86943-75-6
Keywords: Moebiova transformace;real-time vizualizace;kvarterion-Beziérovy formule
Keywords in different language: Moebius transformation;real-time visualization;Quaternionic-Bezier formulas
Abstract: Moebius transformations in space are much more sophisticated than the classical case on the plane, which has been well studied. We present a WebGL approach for visualization of Moebius transformations in 3-space by animating deformations of geometric objects composed of patches parametrized by Quaternionic-Bezier formulas. The idea is to represent Moebius transformations in a quaternionic form as well, and to use GPU shaders for transforming control points, weights, and normals, then seamlessly stitching patches with different levels of detail, and computing points on every patch. Finally, we demonstrate the main classes of Moebius transformations in space on several 3D objects including primitive shapes, Dupin cyclide patchworks, and Utah Teapot.
Rights: © Václav Skala - UNION Agency
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