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Mareš, Václav
Analýza popisů sémantického kontraktu v Java technologiích

This master thesis deals with analysis of descriptions of semantic contracts in Java technologies. Main purpose of this thesis is creation of a tool which enables extraction of chosen constructs of design by contract which is part of semantic contracts. To be able ...

Löffelmann, Jakub
Testování bezpečnosti webových aplikací

This thesis describes the issues of web application security and is focused on the most common types of attacks according to OWASP methodology. Theoretical part of the thesis explains individual types of attacks and illustrates vulnerable code fragments with examples of their atta...

Medek, Michal
Knihovna pro práci s hlubokými konvolučními neuronovými sítěmi v jazyce C#

This thesis deals with the development of a library for convolutional neural networks. The theoretical part describes neural networks' evolution from simple idea to its practical use as a convolutional neural networks that are now a state-of-the-art method for majority of computer v...

Sehnal, Jan
Implementace algoritmů šachové hry

This thesis deals with the implementation of a chess program. The first part of the thesis is dedicated to chess game analysis. The main purpose of the first part is to identify general principles of the chess game which can be programatically transformed into components ...

Kraft, Václav
Systém pro distribuci a správu kognitivních her

The aim of this diploma thesis is to design and implement a system for the management and distribution of cognitive games. The motivation for its creation is to simplify administration in therapy for cognitive competence training and to analyze patient results. The Dep...

Kleisner, Tomáš
Návrh číslicového zvukového efektu a jeho implementace ve~ formě VST pluginu

The goal of this thesis is to learn about Virtual Studio Technology (VST) and to design and implement digital sound effect as VST plugin. The thesis is about basic digital audio signal processing techniques used in digital effect design, available plugin design tools and frame...

Kinkor, Vojtěch
Systém pro automatickou kontrolu samostatných prací vytvořených v MS Access

This thesis describes a design and implementation of a system for automatic checking of database files created in Microsoft Access. The goal is to automatically check structure and content of databases against rules specified by a user. In addition, the system is also able to&...

Baierová, Christine
Frekvenční analýza kmitů hlasivkové štěrbiny

This work aims to analyse vocal fold oscillation in HSV (High Speed Video) recordings. Work focuses on methods analysing the frequency behaviour of the vocal fold oscillations. The luminance signal is extracted from video sequence out of selected pixel and further analyzed. One of&...

Hlaváčová, Klára
Rozšíření Sparkle o podporu SPARQL Endpointu a využití titulků při tvorbě dotazu

The aim of this thesis is the design and implementation of Sparkle extensions. Sparkle is a tool for the creation and evaluation of queries in the SPARQL query language.The first part of this thesis contains a description of relevant technologies. Next the design of...

Čermák, Michal
Návrh a realizace Oracle Standby technologie v prostředí ZČU

Standby technology is part of product Oracle Data Guard developed by Oracle Corporation. This product provides data availability and disaster recovery. This thesis aims to present ability of Oracle Data Guard. Theoretical part of the paper describes theory of data protection and d...

Šnejdar, Pavel
Vytvoření aplikace pro sběr medicínských dat v rámci projektových dnů

The main goal of this thesis is to explore possibilities of data collection and creation of software infrastructure for data collection in neuroinformatic laboratory during project days. The theoretical part deals with experiments and concept of measurement. The implementation part describe...

Hruda, Lukáš
Hledání symetrie v geometrických modelech

Reflectional symmetry is a potentially very useful feature which many real world objects exhibit. Its knowledge can be used in variety of applications such as object alignment, compression, symmetrical editing or reconstruction of incomplete objects. To acquire the symmetry information usable...

Šimána, Pavel
Odvětví e-commerce v ČR a jeho finanční specifika

This master thesis deals with financial analysis of companies operating in the e-commerce sector in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part contains definitions of terms and describes the development of the use of information and communication technologies in the business sphere. Then ...

Menclová, Martina
Cestovní ruch a finanční analýza cestovních kanceláří v ČR

This thesis deals with development of tourism and travel agencies in the Czech Republic and evaluates financial health of selected travel agencies. The first part deals with tourism development in the Czech Republic, the business conditions for running a travel agency, and selecti...

Čadková, Věra
Zhodnocení ekonomického vývoje vybraných společností před a po jejich začlenění do nadnárodních struktur

The master thesis deals with situation of Czech companies in process of globalization and evaluation of the economic development of selected Czech companies before and after their integration into transnational structures. The theoretical part descibes process of globalization in Czech Republic&#...

Dvořák, Jan
Aplikace datově závislého diskrétního Laplaceova operátoru

Discrete Laplace operator has wide spectrum of applications in the mesh processing, for example in smoothing, parameterization, editing and compression. In the latter, Váša et al. have shown, that using geometric discrete Laplace operator results in residual entropy reduction, when&#...

Zíka, Jakub
Pick by Vision navigace ve skladových prostorách

This diploma thesis examines the areas of hardware and software whose features enable the implementation of applications that can handle navigation in warehouses. The result is a demo application that addresses the creation and management of navigation maps. The navigation map is repres...

Špale, Daniel
Analýza diagnostických hlášení drážních vozidel

The aim of this thesis is to create a methodology for analysing diagnostic messages of railway vehicles. Its first part defines the different types of messages sent by the vehicles. Moreover, an analysis of both the database, where the messages are stored, and its disadvantage...

Rasocha, Marek
Portál diabetes.zcu.cz

This thesis extends functionality of the diabetes.zcu.cz portal. The thesis focuses on web architecture, Springs, Apache Wicket and Angular frameworks, the portal's architecture, implementation detail and testing on both PC and mobile devices.

Šlapa, Martin
Distribuovaný výpočet parametrů modelu dynamiky glukózy

This thesis enhances the computation capabilities of the Glucose Predictor software. Glucose Predictor is used to calculate the parameters of relation between interstitial glucose levels and blood glucose levels. Because some of the calculations are resource intesive or there is too much...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 350