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dc.contributor.authorPedrini, Hélio
dc.contributor.editorSkala, Václav
dc.identifier.citationWSCG '2001: Conference proceedings: The 9-th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision 2001: University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech Republic, February 5.-9., 2001, p. 103-109.en
dc.description.abstractAn improved method for adaptively constructing a terrain surface representation from a set of data points is presented . Refinement and decimation steps are repeatedly applied triangular meshes, incrementally determining a better distribution of the data points, while a specified arror tolerance is preserved. Even though not asymptomatically optimal or monotically convergent, it produces approximations that are, experimentally, significantly better than those generated by straightforward greedy insertion algorithms. A new local error metric is used ti select points to be inserted into the triangulation, based on the maximum vertical error weighted by the standard deviation calculated in a neighborhood of the candidate point. Controversely, a measure of angle between surface normals is used to determine whether a vertex should be removed from the triangulation. The method has been implemented and tested on both synthetic test cases and real terrain data sets.en
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dc.publisherUniversity of West Bohemiaen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesWSCG '2001: Conference proceedingsen
dc.rights© University of West Bohemiaen
dc.subjectzjednodušení plochycs
dc.subjecttriangulovaná nepravidelná mřížcs
dc.subjectoptimalizace mřížkycs
dc.titleAn Improved Refinement and Decimation Method for Adaptive Terrain Surface Approximationen
dc.typekonferenční příspěvekcs
dc.subject.translatedsurface simplificationen
dc.subject.translatedtriangulated irregular networken
dc.subject.translatedmesh optimizationen
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