Title: Image Based Rendering and General Relativity
Authors: Kobras, Daniel
Weiskopf, Daniel
Ruder, Hanns
Citation: WSCG '2001: Conference proceedings: The 9-th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision 2001: University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech Republic, February 5.-9., 2001, p. 130-137.
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: University of West Bohemia
Document type: konferenční příspěvek
URI: http://wscg.zcu.cz/wscg2001/Papers_2001/R300.pdf
ISBN: 80-7082-713-0
ISSN: 1213-6972
Keywords: obecná relativita;vykreslování;vizualizace;warpová rychlost
Keywords in different language: general relativity;rendering;visualization;warp speed
Abstract: Imaged-based rendering is a well-known method in computer graphics to achieve photo-realistic images. In this paper we show how conventional image-based rendering algorithms can be extended to visualize general relativistic effects in a restricted class of spacetimes. We propose a generalized aberration formula in order to treat the visualization of special and general relativistic effects on the same footing. In this way, image-based general relativistic rendering can be regarded as an extension of special relativistic rendering. As an example, we present snapshots from the viewpoint of an observer traveling at warp speed.
Rights: © University of West Bohemia
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