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Morávek, Tomáš
Porovnávací analýza vybraných objektů se závěrečným posouzením vhodnosti použitých metod a výsledků

This thesis analyses three selected buildings owned by the Pilsen region. All of the selected buildings will be reconstructed or there will be built a new building of the same character and purpose of use. This work aims to examine the suitability of construction of a...

Deiko, Darya
Karbonatace betonu a její vliv na nosnou konstrukci staveb

The diploma thesis describes the issue of carbonation of concrete, the impact of this phenomenon on buildings and their life, evaluation of the effects on load-bearing reinforced concrete structures. Methods and calculations of concrete carbonation depth described according to valid s...

Kvapilová, Martina
Analýza spotřeby vod a jejich následné využití

The diploma thesis deals with the analysis of the consumption of gray wastewater and the need for the white water in a residential building and in an administrative building. The work is divided into a theoretical part - where this issue is approached and a practical ...

Grossová, Zuzana
Ověření a rozbor materiálových charakteristik povlakových krytin

The diploma thesis deals with the verification and analysis of the material characteristics of flat surfaced roof materials. The theoretical part of the work is devoted to the division and analysis of flat surfaced roof materials, their classification into basic groups and finding ...

Jakeš, Pavel
Analýza ocelových hal v systému PREON s porovnáním u konvečních způsobů výstavby ocelových hal

The diploma thesis deals with the possibilities of selecting a static concept for predetermined conditions and the consequences of selecting individual variants. The point of this work is to point out how the choice of construction system affects other subsequent constructions&#...

Šmíd, Karel
Vliv tuhnutí betonu na vývoj tlaku v bednění

The presented diploma thesis is focused on the analysis of cement properties - determination of the beganning and end of setting time with Vicat´s device´s help. To determine the different temperatures affect results in pressure development on vertical formwork structure.

Fleissigová, Kateřina
Tesařské spoje historické a novodobé, analýza a jejich srovnání

The aim of the diploma thesis was to analyze the carpentry joints historical and used today. Furthermore, to select and manufacture models of typical joints used in different times, to have them experimentally tested in the laboratory for their maximum shear strength. The res...

Cibulková, Aneta
Ekologické materiály a jejich využití pro stavby pro bydlení

The aim of this thesis is to compare commonly used materials on construction sites with more environmentally friendly materials. The comparison takes place on a total of six selected residential buildings, which have different, commonly usable, structures. Both the price of the rough&#x...

Radová, Monika
Stavební a finanční analýza bytových domů o 3 až 7 podlažích

This diploma thesis deals with apartment buildings, their characteristics, history and the resulting today's solutions in connection with financial analysis. This thesis compares financial demands of the rough construction of apartment buildings of 3 to 7 floors of selected building materials...

Matějček, Daniel
Porovnání konstrukčních systémů halových staveb

This diploma thesis deals with the analysis of selected structural systems for hall structures. Construction systems are designed with a saddle character and try to represent current trends. The load-bearing construction system is designed from reinforced concrete, steel and wood. Selected v...

Pavlečka, Vlastimil
Řešení vegetačních střech na nových a stávajících objektech

The topic of my diploma thesis focuses on vegetative roofs of new and existing buildings. In first step, I explained the basic concept, importance and significance of vegetation roofs. I I focused on their main features, advantages and reasons why it is important to use t...

Straka, Zdeněk
Optimalizace řešení nosné konstrukce bytového objektu s využitím vibroizolačního systému

The thesis contains basic and extended prerequisites for the design and implementation of supporting structures of concrete and brick in residential buildings with built-in vibration isolation system.

Pokorný, David
Stavební a stavebně fyzikální řešení sportovní střelnice

The work deals with the design of a sport shooting range for air and shotgun firearms. It is a construction and construction physical solution of this shooting range. One part is devoted to the classification of these firing ranges and the design of firing ranges in ...

Kába, Ondřej
Řešení úloh elastodynamiky pro jednorozměrná a dvourozměrná heterogenní elastická prostředí

This thesis focuses on problems of non-stationary stress wave propagation in one-dimensional and two-dimensional elastic heterogeneous media. The analytical solution of this problem for a layered rod with an arbitrary number of layers is derived from the solution of the same problem for...

Liška, Karel
Analýza dynamického chování rotorů s kluznými ložisky

This master thesis deals with the analysis of the dynamic behaviour of rotors with fluid bearings. Methods for describing forces transmitted by oil lms inside the journal bearings including the journal bearings with floating rings are introduced at the beginning of the work. In...

Halama, Aleš
Vybrané aplikace problémů proudění tekutin řešené pomocí \\ lattice Boltzmannovy metody

In this diploma thesis the basic principles and modifications of the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) and their computer implementation for the numerical solution of complex fluid flows are presented. As the first test case for a numerical simulation an incompressible free surface flow&#x...

Bělohoubek, Marek
Numerická simulace proudění chladiva ve svazku proutků reaktoru VVER 1000 pomocí subkanálové analýzy

This thesis is focused on modeling of flow and heat conduction in fuel assemblies of the pressurized water type nuclear reactor using subchannel analysis. The thesis summarizes the theory concerning on the principle and operation of nuclear reactor type VVER 1000. The results are&#...

Macháňová, Pavla
Modelování tření a jeho vliv při numerických simulacích rychlých dějů

This master thesis is aimed to study dry friction modeling focusing on applications in impact numerical simulations during development of new car seats. It contains an overview of static and dynamic friction models that are used in dynamics of elastic bodies. Selected models were&#...

Halama, Pavel
Modelování a analýza vázaných rotujících soustav s nelinearitami

This diploma thesis deals with mathematical modelling and dynamic analysis of complex rotating systems connected by nonlinear couplings. These systems can be divided into subsystems like shafts or bearings. We can model these subsystems separately and than connect them using modal synthesis&...

Korch, Dmytro
Analýza rámových konstrukcí metodou konečných prvků

This work focuses on an analysis of bar constructions using finite element method. For this purpose was derived a matrix of stiffness of 1D finite element which respects simultaneously tensile (compressive), bending loads including of transverse shear and torsion. A comprehensive set of...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 200