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Beyer, Dirk , Hinke, Jana
Sectoral analysis of the differences in profitability of Czech and German business ventures: an empirical benchmark study

Profi tability measures are a lens through which business can be viewed and they form a common basis for investment decisions. Especially in areas close to national borders, these decisions could be linked to the question on which side of the border a venture shoul...

Eger, Ludvík , Mičík, Michal , Řehoř, Petr
Employer branding on social media and recruitment websites: symbolic traits of an ideal employer

In recent years, the employer brand has become an important source of a sustainable competitive advantage. There is increasing evidence that employers need to place greater emphasis on communication with talented young people. Jobseekers usually have only basic information and v...

Kutlák, Jiří , Taušl Procházková, Petra
Komuinikace CSR aktivit: CSR reporting

This paper focuse on CSR reporting. The aim of this paper is to discuss several aspects influencing the CSR reporting in details and get more precisely information regarding CSR reporting topic in general. Firstly, there is a theoretical part aimed at general explanation...

Sova Martinovský, Václav
Cloud computing: vývoj a současný stav

This article introduces the area of cloud computing with emphasis on businesses and organizations. It includes research of published papers on topic of cloud computing based on metaanalysis and SLR. Summary of relevant advantages both from the user and provider perspective ...

Kunešová, Hana , Eger, Ludvík
Evaluation and comparison of B2C e-commerce intensity in EU member states

Electronic commerce in the business-to-consumer sphere (B2C e-commerce) represents a signifi cant factor in the competitiveness of companies and entire economies. The purpose of this paper is to propose a tool to evaluate and compare B2C e-commerce intensity in economies. The&#x...

Linderová, Ivica , Janeček, Petr
Accessible tourism for all: current state in the Czech business and non-business environment

Tourism is a sector of remarkable economic importance. Nowadays, new ways to develop tourism are being discovered. One of them is accessibility and social policy aspects. The aim of the paper is to map the possibilities for people with physical disabilities to participate in t...

Hejduková, Pavlína , Kureková, Lucie
Healthcare systems and performance evaluation: comparison of performance indicators in V4 countries using models of composite indicators

Healthcare systems play a very important role in society and their role is becoming increasingly important in regard to the phenomenon of population ageing. The issue of the performance of healthcare systems should be at the forefront in terms of the interest of academi...

Eger, Ludvík

Dokoupil, Jaroslav , Preis, Jiří , Novotná, Marie
Management inovací v Plzeňském kraji a srovnání se sousedními bavorskými regiony

Innovations are key factor for developing of the regions and their competitiveness. There are significant regional discrepancies in the Pilsen region, with specific regions along the border with Bavaria. On one hand, there is economically strong core area around the Pilsen agglom...

Matušková, Alena , Nosková, Marta
Názory obyvatel Plzně na projekt Plzeň: Evropské hlavní město kultury 2015 rok poté

The article discusses the resident´s attitudes towards the Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015 project. The evaluation was made more than half a year after the end of the event. Based on the survey, whose respondents were residents of the city of Pilsen, thre...

Kumar, Alok
Process-based project proposal risk management

We all are aware of the organizational omnipresence. Projects within the organizations are ubiquitous too. Projects achieve their goals successfully if they are planned, scheduled, controlled and implemented well. The project lifecycle of initiating, planning, scheduling, controlling and implem...

Fuksa, Pavel , Svoboda, Milan
Efektivnost indikátoru MACD na akciích společnosti ČEZ

This paper deals with efficiency of the MACD indicator. The aim of the study is to find whether this indicator would be usable for creating a business strategy for active trading at a stock exchange. The research was carried out on the basis of day closing...

Kopp, Jan
Aktuální trendy ekohydrologického managementu měst: případová studie Plzně

The aim of case study of Pilsen is to assess what is the level of implementation of new ecohydrological management trends of cities in the Czech environment. There was used comparison with the development system of the concept „Water sensitive cities“ for the assessment...

Hruška, Zdeněk , Benešová, Eva , Seifertová, Ivana
Komparace jednotlivých forem vztahu zaměstnance a zaměstnavatele z hlediska výdajů podnikatele

The brief article discusses tax matters, reflecting their specific two-sided perception. The tax issues reflect different approaches depending on which financial actor´s view is taken into account. While the state, having not only an obvious interest in effective tax revenue but ...

Jermář, Milan
Osobnostní hodnotové preference a organizační kultura

The paper focuses on exploration of desired organizational culture of future potential managers. It introduces the concept of investigations in which attention was devoted to analyzing the important features of an organizational culture that respondents mentioned as suitable for their ...

Ježek, Jiří
Konsolidace obecní struktury v České republice: Mezi slučováním a meziobecní spoluprací

Alongside France, Italy and Slovakia the Czech Republic belongs to the countries with the most fragmented municipal structure. The aim of this paper is to analyze the attitudes of representatives of the Czech municipalities to two ideal forms of consolidation of the structur...

Vacek, Jiří
Průmysl 4.0 a společenskovědní výzkum

The contribution is based on the desk research of exponentially growing number of publications devoted socio-economic issues related to Industry 4.0. The growing interest in Industry 4.0 is documented by growing interest in documents with this keyword in Google searches. The brief intro...

Martinčík, David , Jarý, Čestmír , Šlechtová Sojková, Olga
Rekondiční masáže spotřeby prováděné centrálními bankami: experimentální verifikace

The contribution verifies the mainstream economics lemma that inflation stimulates consumption expenditures and vice versa deflation results in giving up of present consumption. We suggested the experimental design suitable for consumption-saving decision-making under different inflation and relative prices...

Ptáčková, Karolína
Výzkum indoor reklamy v nákupních centrech ve městě Plzeň

The aim of this paper is implementation of indoor advertising research in shopping centres in the city of Pilsen with suggesting measures to optimize researched situation. There are a summarization of available knowledge in the field of marketing communication focoused on indoor adverti...

Taušl Procházková, Petra
Entrepreneurial ecosystem insights: case study

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