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Recent Submissions

Jindrová, Kristýna
Instrukce v práci učitele na 1. stupni ZŠ v Plzeňském kraji

The thesis focuses on instructions that primary school teachers assign to the pupils during Czech language classes. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with a concept of communication and subsequently with the pedagogical communication where an efficient and inefficient instruction assi...

Hlaváčová, Eliška
Badatelský přístup ve výuce prvouky a přírodovědy

The diploma thesis is based on the European-wide downtrend in interest in study of natural science. In context with this topic is the thesis focused on research-oriented teaching of natural science at primary school. Terms related to research-oriented teaching, its importance and key&#x...

Marková, Martina
Pozice koordinátora inkluze na vybraných ZŠ v Plzeňském kraji

This diploma thesis deals with the position of the co-ordinators of inclusion in Czech schools as such, about their contribution to education and also with their co-operation with the other involved people. The diploma thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part contain&...

Vrbová, Michaela
Hodnocení vybraných ZŠ v Plzeňském kraji z hlediska inkluze

The diploma thesis deals with contemporary inclusive education of pupils with special educational needs at elementary schools. In the theoretical part, basic concepts relating to inclusion and its development are outlined. Subsequently, the conditions for its functioning are mentioned, inc...

Šanderová, Věra
Prvky bádání ve vzdělávací oblasti Člověk a jeho svět

This dissertation is focused on the research oriented education in science subjects at the first level of elementary school. The first part of the diploma thesis deals with the analysis of transmissive teaching and constructivism. It follows the essence and importance of activatio...