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Soukup, Michal
Výkonový měnič pro aplikace s asynchronním motorem do výkonu 2,5kW

This diploma thesis is focused on the design and construction of a power converter for anasynchronous motor with a powerof 1.1 kW. This motor drives a standing metal polishing plant. The first part deals with the description of power transducers and power semiconductor components.&...

Ipser, Jiří
Podrobný výpočet oteplení cívky kotvy synchronního stroje

This diploma thesis is focused on the thermal calculation of stator coil in a three-phase synchronous machine with salient poles. This thesis is divided into four chapters. In the first chapter is briefly described the principle of synchronous machine and its structure. The second&...

Šafář, Vojtěch
Vliv velikosti činitele pólového krytí na vlastnosti synchronního stroje

The master these deals with the issue of electromagnetic field´s proposal and the influence of pole coverage factor to properties of synchronous machines. The these is divided into six parts. The electromagnetic proposal of synchronous machine with the pole coverage factor alfa = 0...

Frank, Zdeněk
Stavba demonstračního soustrojí

This master thesis focuses on design and construction of a demonstrational electrical engine machinery consisting of two synchronous electrical machines. The thesis also includes an electromagnetic design, constructional solution of the whole machinery and its individual parts. The purpose of thi...

Hutyra, Dominik
Návrh trakčního asynchronního motoru pro kompaktní pohonnou jednotku

The submitted thesis is focused on the design of a traction squirrel cage asynchronous machine, cooled by air, for a compact traction unit. Potential of the thesis is to substitute currently designed unit, made up of synchronous machine with permanent magnets with water cooling.&#x...

Do, Viet Hung
Optimální vektorové řízení pohonu se synchronním motorem s proměnnou vzduchovou mezerou

This diploma thesis is focused on the solution of the vector control of a synchronous machine with Variable Air Gap. The thesis contains a theoretical introduction to the problem, design and description of a simulation model. The simulation model is modeled by Matlab / Si...

Pospíšil, Přemysl
Optimální vektorové řízení reluktančního synchronního motoru

This diploma thesis is focused on simulation model solution and subsequent experimental verification of optimal vector control of reluctance synchronous motor. At work it uses Matlab to simulate the proposed simulation model. Further, Code Composer Studio is used, in which the c ++ ...

Černoch, Michal
Návrh řady asynchronních motorů

The thesis is focused on the design of a series of squirrel cage induction motors, where the given number of motors are designed and dimensioned into specified series. After that, equivalent circuit parameters of the machines are verified in RMxprt software. Based on the calcu...

Fiala, Václav
Elektromagnetický návrh synchronního motoru s PM

This master thesis deals with the design of an innovative synchronous motor with permanent magnets for direct drive of the traction vehicle. First of all, an electromagnetic calculation of the engine is made, which is subsequently verified by the finite element method by Ansys ...

Čermák, Radek
Model a návrh motoru elektrického vozidla

This thesis deals with the design of PMSM motor with external rotor and water cooling, used for driving a passenger car. Electromagnetic calculation of the machine, calculation of spare parameters and determination of machine losses are performed in this thesis. Calculations are verifie...

Dragoun, Jaroslav
Elektrická výzbroj sportovního trenažeru

The master theses presents concept and final solution in design of multifunctional stationary bike which will be able to produce and store electrical energy. Main part of the thesis is devoted to developing of simulation models which will be used in design of the device, ...

Pašek, Jan
Konstrukce měniče pro výukový model synchronního motoru

This diploma thesis is focused on the design of the inverter construction for the training model of the synchronous motor and on its control.

Havlíček, Tomáš
Návrh výstupních filtrů napěťového střídače o výkonu 100 kW až 0,5 MW

In this diploma thesis are input and output filters for voltage inverters analyzed and described. The subject of the diploma thesis is the creation of a mathematical model of three-phase output filter for a voltage inverter using filter simulation. From the Output of the simul...

Glac, Antonín
Implementace řízení asynchronního motoru za použití hardwarového akcelerátoru

The master theses presents the implementation of driving algorithm for induction motor using a voltage source inverter, driven by microcontroller TMS320F28377S. Microcontroller is a part of MLC Interface platform, which is used for driving applications at the university. The thesis compares ...

Jiříček, Marek
Implementace bezsenzorového řízení PMSM

Aim of this thesis is to implement sensorless control of PMSM with rotor position sensing based on injection of pulsating voltage signal. Thesis contains description of implementation of vector control and position sensing algorithms and also results of experiments which were focused on...

Vokál, David
Harmonické v sítích příměstských sídlišť

The aim of the diploma thesis submitted is an analysis of the low-frequency electromagnetic interference in the low-voltage distribution network of the suburban built-up areas comprised solely by family houses. In the introduction, the attention is paid to general issues of the&#...

Doležel, Vojtěch
Návrh indukčnosti 6mH

This report describes design of an air core coil with inductance of 6 mH. Accorging to the assignment, the coil is designed for permanent harmonic current with effective value of 6,5 A. The design is made for the core with circular cross section area. Calculation of ...

Doležal, Petr
Návrh průmyslového transformátoru malého výkonu

This diploma thesis is focused on design of a low power industrial transformer. There is a komplete electromagnetic calculation, according to which the transformer is then manufactured and then a type test is carried out according to the standard ČSN EN 68551-1. Further, the v...

Sedláček, Lukáš
Elektrický pohon elektrokoloběžky

This thesis is focused on construction of an electronic kickbike. After a complex analysis of possible motor types a BLDC motor was chosen, which seemed to be the most suitable one, according to its parameters, like high effectivity, low mounting space and long servis period.&...

Došek, Ondřej
Porovnání radiální a axiální ventilace asynchronního stroje

The master thesis deals with asynchronous machine in point of view of two cooling system and makes their comparison. Thesis includes electromagnetic design, ventilation and thermal analysis. A ventilation analysis is calculated by alternative hydraulic network and the thermal analysis is cal...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 95