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Řezáč, David
Návrh postupného přechodu sítí VN z venkovního do kabelového provedení

This diploma thesis deals with the proposal of the gradual increase of cable rate in medium voltage (MV) networks. The thesis includes the description of MV networks, their operation, used switching elements and protection. There are also mentioned the r...

Mašata, David
Kombinace antikorozní ochrany paliva, tepelné vodivosti a vyhořívajícího absorbátoru pro tlakovodní reaktory

The master thesis is focused on the design of advanced nuclear power plants fuel with utilization of burnable absorbers. It analyzes possibilities of usage of thorium and hafnium dioxide and their influence on neutron balance in nuclear reactor. Adding these chemical elements into ...

Hrdina, Petr
Dekompenzace nabíjecího kapacitního proudu při zapojení větrné farmy do distribuční sítě

The diploma thesis focuses on the decompensation-problem of charging capacitive currents generated by wind farms connected to the distribution network through highvoltage power lines. The theoretical part refers primarily to calculations of capacitive charging currents, active losses incurred on power...

Bízek, Jiří
Elektrické otopné systémy

This diploma thesis is focused on the solution of electric heating systems with comparison of individual types of heating of family houses including concrete designs. In the paper are included proposals of conventional and new heating methods, comparing the energy performance of a ...

Kopa, Martin
Analýza výsledků z tavení oxidů ve studeném kelímku

This magister thesis is focused on the melting of oxides in a cold crucible. The introduction describes the difference in the principle of melting electrically conductive and non-conductive materials in the cold crucible. Subsequently, emphasis is placed on the star-up phase of melting&...

Kovanda, Jan
Analýza výbojů při stejnosměrném napětí

Presented master thesis is focused on emergence of partial and incomplete DC voltage discharges and their analysis. Because at these times grows utilization DC high-voltage devices, apart from the emergence, individual types of partial and incomplete high voltage discharges and their influen...

Beran, Petr
Vzdálený odečet dat ze statických elektroměrů prostřednictvím technologie GPRS

This diploma thesis focuses on communication between data center and electricity meters, set parameters of communication units and creation of scripts for batch change of modems installed in the distribution network at sampling points. Contains description of GSM network and limitations for&...

Kopelent, Josef
Využití inteligentní elektroinstalace pro úspory energie v rodinném domě

Diploma thesis describes the procedure of creating a project documentation for family houses. It defines the basic concepts, stages and explains the procedure of creation of a documentation for construction work. Furthermore, it familiarizes with bus systems of intelligent wiring, such as&#x...

Húdek, Martin
Pokročilá diagnostika a monitoring transformátorů

This diploma thesis is focused on description of basic (in the energetic industry strongly established) and advanced methods, used for diagnostics of transformers. Above all it goes about advanced methods such as dielectric frequency response and frequency analysis. Part of the&...

Čáp, Lukáš
Návrh inteligentního řízení fotovoltaického (FV) systému s akumulátory dle předpovědi slunečního záření

The theme of diploma thesis is "Developing design of the intelligent control photovoltaics system with accumulators according to solar radiation forecast". Thesis deals with description of the components, principles and using photovoltaics systems. One part is the description of the pos...

Renner, Martin
Návrh řešení kompenzace účiníku v průmyslovém podniku

This diploma thesis deals with the proposal of solution of performance compensation in specified area of Mondi Štětí a.s. The introduction to this thesis describes the theory of power factor compensation and the possibilities of individual ways of compensation. The practical part solves...

Pech, Václav
Návrh a konstrukce prototypu víceúčelového dronu

This thesis deals with production of a prototype of multipurpose drone including 3D design of frame in CAD application. The whole project included a basic layout of the multicopter the creation of a frame on a 3D printer a suitable selection of components and the final&#x...

Vecka, Jiří
Návrh inteligentní elektroinstalace rodinného domu

The master thesis presents a project of low/ high current wiring in family house. In the theoretical part are described ways of intelligent wiring, but also its advantages and disadvantages. In the practical part is created the project of the intelligent wiring using Loxone&#x...

Aulický, Tomáš
Návrh elektroinstalace v rodinném sídle s využitím smart technologií KNX - decentralizovaný systém - Vantage entralizovaný systém

The work deals with the use of intelligent systems for the management of the electrical wiring in the home. In the first section outlines the basic theory of management and presented to the two compared systems. The next section is devoted to the calculations for the ...

Radoš, Martin
Kružnicový diagram asynchronního stroje s vinutou kotvou

The master thesis deals with parameters of induction motor and process of finding individual parameters, also transferring the T - scheme to the gama scheme. Then the thesis finds out the measuring procedure the induction motor in the state of short circuit, open circuit and&#...

Šelmek, Tomáš
Model elektromagnetického ventilu

This thesis shows the utilisation of electronic model as a replacement of the solenoid valve in the test process. It follows up on the previous thesis which has already been developed in ZF Engineering. Testing environment, valve types used in ZF Engineering and their paramete...

Vlášek, Josef
Modernizace dynamometru pro měření stejnosměrných motorů

This master thesis focuses on the modernization of an older dynamometer for the measurement of motor load characteristics. You will find the description of sensors and components at the beginning. Analysis of load cells was placed in Chapter 2.2. Chapter 3 is describing exper...

Lachman, Kryštof
Měření torzních kmitů rotoru generátoru

The master theses presents the problematics of torsional vibration their root cause, negative effects and means of their measurement. It also evaluates the possibilities of using actual machine protection sensors with purpose of cheaper torsional vibration measurement systems.

Steinbach, Martin
Systém pro kontinuální měření a analýzu dat z fotovoltaické elektrárny

This diploma thesis is focused on realization of a system enabling continuous measurement and analysis of data from a photovoltaic power plant using the LabVIEW development environment. At the beginning of the thesis are described electrical parameters of photovoltaic cells, mathematical mod...

Kubát, Jiří
Návrh stejnosměrného stroje

Proposal of DC machine with separate excitation. The submitted thesis deals with design of DC machines with separate excitation, The machine output is 20 kW. The main task was to develop a proposal of the electromagnetic according to specified parameters and draw a schematic&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 536