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Janda, Tomáš
Vliv použitých materiálů a parametrů šablonového tisku na jeho kvalitu

The bachelor thesis presented is focused on the issues of the stencil printing in the modern electronics industry. The theoretical part contains the basic principle and the analysis of the stencil printing and the defects. Several experiments were conducted in the experimental&#x...

Strejc, Matyáš
Výroba a testování flexibilních plošných spojů

This bachelor thesis is focused on flexible printed circuits, on their composition and on production technology. In the text there is a detailed overview of technical standards concerning not only the general requirements of flexible printed boards, but also static and dynamic mechanica...

Topinka, Vojtěch
Bezpečnost loT

This bachelor thesis deals with security issues in IoT systems. Its task is to inform about the risk of using these systems. The first chapter of this work deals with the concept of the Internet of Things. There are basic information about architecture, principle, today's&...

Hůla, Karel
Technologická řešení antén pro pásmo 2.4GHz - 2.5GHz

This bachelor thesis describes the technological solutions of antennas in frequency band 2,4 - 2,5 GHz. In the theoretical part is basic analysis of the band 2,4 - 2,5 GHz, the antennas parameters and types of antennas. The next part describes the design of selected types...

Radouchová, Michaela
Textilní senzory natažení

This bachelor thesis deals with textile sensors for smart textiles. It focuses on their construction, application and used materials. Various textile sensors are described in this work, textile strain sensors are described in more detail. A practical part with the measurement of their&#...

Vrbka, Tomáš
Směrový anténní sledovač založený na síle přijatého signálu

This bachelor thesis deals with designing, assembling and programming of an electronical device, which is turning towards the source of video signal with the assistance of servomotors. Main control element is a microcontroller, which is calculating the direction of the signal source wit...

Valnoha, Jan
Systémy a zařízení pro průmyslový internet věcí

The bachelor thesis "Systems and Equipment for Industrial Internet of Things" is focused on the Internet of Things and his part Industrial Internet of Things. The main part is devoted to the division of short and long range networks, comparing the differences between the&...

Vecko, Kamil
Metody návrhu a výroby 3D plošných spojů

3D DPS, deska plošných spojů, flexibilní DPS, MID, návrhové programy DPS, technologie výroby 3D DPS.

Čechura, Martin
Kontaktování chytrých textilií

This bachelor thesis deals with description of current development of smart textiles and their application. The bachelor thesis describes available methods of contacting electronic elements in smart textiles and proposal contact samples on textile substrates with insulated conductive thread. Selected&...

Kosť, Lukáš
Elektronické systémy integrované do Smart textilií

This bachelor thesis is focused on describing a understanding the basic principles in the field of Smart textiles. Theoretical part describes classification of Smart textiles in more detail, materials which can occur in those textiles, used production technologies and electronic systems suit...

Carvan, Ondřej
Elektronická časomíra pro závody v běžeckém lyžování

The submitted bachelor thesis deals with the electronic timer for races in cross-country skiing. The goal of the thesis is the introduction of the contemporary systems, which are being used for electronic timing of races in cross-country skiing. The main goal is to design the&...

Schmeller, Jan
Odporové vrstvy realizované tlustovrstvou technologií

Submitted bachelor´s thesis is focused on printed resistive films created by thick film technology. First, the principle of thick film technology, used pastes and method of applying these pastes by screen printing are described in this thesis. Then there is an overview of resistenc...

Říha, Marek
Metody pájení na tištěné vodivé motivy

This bachelor thesis describes general information about concept of printed electronics. It also compiles problematics of printing and suitable methods of soldering for printed electronics. There is written up a summary of suitable print pastes, inks and soldering alloys. The pr...

Borovanský, Petr
Textilní RFID tagy

This bachelor thesis consists of research of conventional and unconventional RFID tags, focusing on textile RFID in the unconventional part. The thesis contains the design and realization of textile RFID tag. This paper is divided into four main parts. First one describes&#...

Urban, Ondřej
Chytré rukavice

Main topic of this bachelor thesis are smart gloves and their application. The work is divided into three main parts, where the first part contains literature and patent research dealing with smart gloves since 2012. In the second part there is an analysis of the current&...

Vlk, Petr
Způsoby propojení elektronických prvků pro smart textilie

This bachelor thesis is focused on solving problems of interconnection structures in smart textiles. The text deals with solutions that apply to smart textiles and their use for human needs. Furthermore, the development of conductive yarns and their manuffacture is investigated, which i...

Hebr, Martin
Řízení výrobních procesů v oblasti elektrotechnické výroby

The aim of this bachelor thesis Management of Production Processes in Electrotechnical Production is to describe the principles of functional and process approach in production management and briefly explain their differences. Then describe basic methods used in process control and apply som...

Šulc, Marek
Integrované systémy řízení a jejich zavádění

The introduction of integrated management systems in companies was the main focus of this bachelor thesis. The first part presents methods and tools of specific systems which helps to improve the quality of company processes. The practical part of the thesis is focused on the&...

Drahoňovský, Marek
Způsoby mapování a analýzy podnikových procesů

The thesis is divided into three parts, amongst which the first describes definitions of process analysis and process mapping. The second part contains methods of process analysis and process mapping. The third part describes the process of the manufacturing and business analysis.

Janda, Martin
Způsoby lokalizace osob bez signálu GPS

This bachelor thesis is focused on problems with localization without GPS signal. In the first part are introduced theoretical methods of localization, real systems are also described. In the next part thesis deals with concept of integration of selected navigation systems into te...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 326