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dc.contributor.authorStanciulescu, Bogdan
dc.contributor.authorLouchet, Jean
dc.contributor.editorSkala, Václav
dc.identifier.citationWSCG '2000: Conference proceeding: The 8th International Conference in Central Europe on Computers Graphics, Visualization and Interaktive Digital Media '2000 in cooperation with EUROGRAPHICS and IFIP WG 5.10: University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech republic, February 7 - 10, 2000, p. 92-99.en
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents how it is possible to introduce active motricity into particle-bond systems used in applications such as image animation. We chose to add into some neural network capabilities over the classical approach, in order to obtain a system able to model a larger class of behaviour. Therefore a new type of binary bond enriched with a neural-based command ability is proposed and tested in this paper. This “active” bond acts like a controlled muscle in order to produce motricity. An Evolutionary Strategy is used to optimise the particle-bond system parameters through evolving parameter sets. We tested our method both on artificially generated data and on data collected from real-life motion. Results and comparisons between our method and other approaches show the advantage of using active particle-bond systems for image animation applications.en
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dc.publisherUniversity of West Bohemiaen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesWSCG '2000: Conference proceedingen
dc.rights© University of West Bohemiaen
dc.subjectpočítačová animacecs
dc.subjectpočítačová grafikacs
dc.subjectpočítačové modelovánícs
dc.subjectevoluční strategiecs
dc.subjectanalýza pohybucs
dc.subjectneuronové sítěcs
dc.titleEvolutionary Identification of Active Particle Systemsen
dc.typekonferenční příspěvekcs
dc.subject.translatedcomputer animationen
dc.subject.translatedcomputer graphicsen
dc.subject.translatedcomputer modellingen
dc.subject.translatedevolutionary strategiesen
dc.subject.translatedmotion analysisen
dc.subject.translatedneural networksen
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