Title: Robust Incremental Polygon Triangulation for Fast Surface Rendering
Authors: Kumar, Subodh
Citation: WSCG '2000: Conference proceeding: The 8th International Conference in Central Europe on Computers Graphics, Visualization and Interaktive Digital Media '2000 in cooperation with EUROGRAPHICS and IFIP WG 5.10: University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech republic, February 7 - 10, 2000, p. 381-388.
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: University of West Bohemia
Document type: konferenční příspěvek
URI: http://wscg.zcu.cz/wscg2000/Papers_2000/Z43.pdf
ISBN: 80-7082-612-6
Keywords: vykreslování;CAD;triangulace mnohoúhelníků;výpočetní geometrie;povrch
Keywords in different language: surface;rendering;CAD;polygon triangulation;computational geometry
Abstract: This paper presents a simple, robust and practical, yet fast algorithm for triangulation of points on the domain of trimmed Bézier surfaces. These R 2 points are input to this algorithm by a surface sampler. A set of polygons is formed from these samples, which are then triangulated. We also show how to update the triangulation when the samples, and hence the polygons, are updated. The output is a set of triangle strips. The algorithm includes heuristics to avoid long and thin triangles. In addition, it also detects if the sampling of the trimming curve forms any non-simple polygons and corrects the triangulation by adding more samples. The triangulation algorithm is more generally applicable to polygons in a plane. We report an implementation of the algorithm and its performance on extensive surface-model walkthrough
Rights: © University of West Bohemia
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