Volume 9 (2015)


Recent Submissions

Okrouhlík, Miloslav
Achievements, agreements and quarrels of forefathers of mechanics

The presented paper is devoted to deeds of Galileo Galile i, Johannes Kepler, Robert H ook, Christiaan Huygens and Isaac Newton with an intention to show their achievements in mechanics, their intellectual and scientific heritage, and also their personal vanities that ...

Půst, Ladislav , Pešek, Luděk , Radolfová, Alena
Negative stiffness in gear contact

The tooth contact stiffness is very often included in dynamic mathematical models of gear drives. It is an important value for calculation of torsion eigenfrequencies as w ell as the dynamic properties of the whole transmission systems. Planetary ...

Náprstek, Jiří , Hračov, Stanislav
Dynamics of beam pair coupled by visco-elastic interlayer

An exact method is presented for solving the vibration of a double-beam system subjected to harmonic excitation. The system consists of a loaded main beam and an auxiliary beam joined together using massless visco-elastic layer. The Euler-Bernoulli model is used for the tran...

Kotoul, Michal
Crack path modelling in railway wheel under rolling contact fatigue

A computational model of crack path for two-dimensional p rimary crack situated in a railway wheel rim is designed. The railway wheel rim is placed on the wheel disc of railway wheel with interference fit. Crack behaviour is analysed in the case of rectiline...

Žatko, Miroslav
Aerodynamic loading acting on the stator vane in the variable nozzle turbine flow

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate an aerodynamic loading acting on the stator vanes of the turbocharger using variable nozzle turbine (VNT). Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) is applied using commercial software ANSYS CFX. A full turbine stage CFD model is used t...