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Záhořík, Jan
David W. PHILLIPSON, Foundations of an African Civilisation. Aksum and the Northern Horn, 1000 BC – AD 1300, Woodbridge: James Currey, 2012, ISBN 978-1-84701-088-9, 294 p.

Šedivý, Miroslav
Wolf D. GRUNER, Der Wiener Kongress 1814/1815, Stuttgart: Reclam, 2014, ISBN 978-3-15019-252-8, 261 p.

Bulvasová, Alena
Michal STEHLÍK – Gerald M. SPRENGNAGEL (Eds.), Kreiského éra v Rakousku a období normalizace v ČSSR, Praha: Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta, 2013, ISBN 978-80-7308-480-6, 245 p.

Burdiak, Vira
Parliamentary Democracy of the Republic of Bulgaria as an Important Factor of Community Development

The author of the paper analyzes the parliamentary democracy in the Republic of Bulgaria and considers it to be the important factor of community development. The parliamentary system of Bulgaria depicts the idea of rational parliamentarianism, when the constitutional system has...

Deák, József
The Police, then Interior Review for the Forming of the Science of Law Enforcement; from its Beginning to the Change of the Political System

The Interior Review, as a professional-scientific forum, from its beginning to the change of the political system, facilitated the professional training of the employees of the Hungarian Ministry of Interior bodies, the tracing, professional processing, publication and perfection of ...

Tóth, Andrej
On the Situation of Workers of German and Hungarian Nationality in Czechoslovakia in the Period Immediate after World War II on the Background of Restrictive Legislative Measures (1945–1946)

The goal of the study is to summarize shortly the complicated situation of persons of German and Hungarian nationality in Czechoslovakia after World War II on the background of their legislatively set general work obligation. An overwhelming majority of Czechoslovak Germans ...

Rak, Michal
The Perspectives of the Archaeological Knowledge of the American Military Activities during World War II

The participation of the US Army in the liberation of Western Bohemia in spring 1945 has been a popular topic for historians and non-professional public as well. However, all the books and articles dealing with this theme are based on the written sources or t...

Sarnyai Csaba, Máté
“We do not want Foreign Strongholds within Our National State” – the Romanian Educational Policy and the Historically Established Churches between the Two World Wars

Within its territory, which had been extended by the peace treaties following WW1, Romania intended to create a nation-state that is also religiously uniform. Therefore, minorities in Transylvania meant a twofold problem, as they were both Hungarians and Roman Catholics. J...

Geaney, Kathleen
The World of American Communism: Ups and Downs 1918–1945

The presented article offers a brief overview of the history of the American communist movement and, consequently, the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) between ca 1918 and 1945. If focuses on questions connected to the membership base and racial and ethnic&...

Valkoun, Jaroslav
Great Britain, the Dominions and the Paris Peace Conference

The First World War represented the biggest challenge and a test of cohesion for the individual parts of the Empire. Newly, the dominions were to reach full recognition as autonomous nations of the imperial community. Participation of the Dominions at the Paris Peace Conference...

Gecse, Géza
Russian Expansion, Self-reflection, and its Absence from Russian Policy – from Sarajevo to the Princes’ Islands (1914–1919)

Russian expansionism in Europe during World War I – despite the temporary victories - by the end of 1916 concluded to an occasional and by the spring of 1918 a decisive defeat. Tsar Nicholas II was the first who was willing to take steps towards peace&#x...

Šubertová, Marcela
La France et l’occupation anglaise d’Égypte, 1882–1888

When France rejected to join the Great Britain in military intervention in Egypt in 1882, the British decided to put down the policy of dual control in Egypt. This decision influenced the mutual relations of both countries for more than twenty years. The aim of this ...

Skřivan, Aleš Sr. , Skřivan, Aleš Jr.
Die Stellung des Hafens Triest und die Bedeutung des Österreichischen Lloyd für den Transport aus der Habsburgermonarchie nach Übersee

This study deals with the question of the importance of the port Triest for the foreign trade and overseas transport of Habsburg monarchy. It is further analyzed the development and the role of the greatest Austrian steam navigation company, the Austrian Lloyd, and his positio...

Budil, Ivo
Alfred Russel Wallace, William Rathbone Greg and the Origin of Social Darwinism

The contribution of Alfred Russel Wallace and William Rathbone Greg to the debate on the possibility of application of the law of natural selection to human society and the subsequent emergence of social Darwinism with dramatic consequences in the political life of the...

Borodáčová, Jana
Thomas Paine or the Defender of the World Revolution

Thomas Paine was a typical professional revolutionist. He actively participated in both the American and the French Revolutions and his contributions were mainly in literary activities. By his most important works, the Common Sense and the Rights of Man, Paine significantly influenced p...

Kadlecová, Markéta
England and the Promotion of Trade in 16th and 17th Centuries

The trade in the early modern England represented a crucial element of the state economy and the Crown had to make a particular effort to support it. Therefore, the main point of the article is to describe several ways which the English state used to pro...

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