Volume 7 (1999)


Recent Submissions

Ježek, B. , Antoš, K. , Chrobok, V. , Šimáková, E.
Registration of image medical data

The paper deals with registration algorithms. Suitable procedures for the registration of image medical data are presented. During our work we used manual registration and point-based registration methods to register digitized slices of the temporal bone. To create referential points ...

Wilkie, Alexander , Tobler, Robert F. , Purgathofer, Werner
A spectral extension to the tagged image file format

In this paper we present a simple, consistent and yet powerful spectral extension to the Tagged Image File Format (commonly referred to as TIFF). This extension would presumably turn TIFF, which is already one of the most frequently used formats for "normal" ...

Costa, António Cardoso , Sousa, António Augusto , Ferreira, Fernando Nunes
Optimissaiton and lighting design

Nowadays, the available tools for lighting design are limited in scope and inappropriate for interactive or creative use. In this paper, we present a different approach to the lighting design problem - a new methodology that includes the geometry and materials of the scene, th...

Claes, Johan , Van Reeth, Frank
Integrating real-time 3D cartoon rendering into 2D animations

In this paper we describe how to achieve nice-looking cartoon style rendering and animation utilising 3D input and animation control. Besides a technical description, we also show how this rendering is smoothly integrated into traditional 2D animations. This way we combine the benefits&...

Plasencia, J.L.
Landmark-based 3D Mesh Warping for bone-skin reconstruction

This paper proposes a mathematical model to obtain a portion of the skin of a human head, warping the corresponding portion of neurocranium, using the skin thickness in the craneometrical points that defines the portion of neurocranium and the mesh of the skull contents...