Volume 3 (1995)


Recent Submissions

Zhang, Shouqing , Thomas, A. L.
Free from surface construction using Gregory patches

This paper deals with the construction of a free form surface by using both triangular and rectangular Gregory patches. The input is a set of 3D points associated with normal values at each point. All the control points needed for a Gregory patch can then be calculat...

Žára, Jiří , Holeček, Aleš , Přikryl, Jan , Buriánek, Jan , Menzel, Knut
Load balancing for parallel raytracer on virtual walls

Dynamic load balancing of parallel ray-tracing algorithm based on spacial subdivision is discused. We attempt to find the load balancing method with the fastes respond on the load extreams in the system. A optimal architecture of the computational system based on three level proces...

Willis, Philip J.
Computer animation and human animators

There is often a gap between what technology can deliver and what users want. Sometimes this is because of fundamental technological constraints but often it is because technologists do not address the realities of user needs and expectations before attempting to solve the problem....

Wada, Takashi , Nakamura, Tatsuro , Suzuki, Kaoru
A robust object modeling system using a range finder

This paper presents a robust object modeling system that generates an object model from multiviewing range data. The purpose of the system is to obtain an exact object model, overcoming a noise problem in rage data. Our system computes object existence in voxel space by i...

Volf, Jaromír
Using of discriminatory analysis to pattern recognition of tactile pattern

This paper described a new method of tactile pattern recognition. The method can be used a numeric regulator too. This method is based on the discriminatory analysis. The computation is going through all system of pattern classes. This corresponds to classical computing process, wh...