Volume 2 (1994)


Recent Submissions

Žára, Jiří , Holeček, Aleš , Přikryl, Jan
Parallelisation of the ray-tracing algorithm

The two typical methods for distribution of ray-tracing rendering algorithm are presented in this article. The implementation of a distributed ray-tracer on a network of UNIX workstations is described in details. The first results are discussed from the point of view of memory load...

Zachariáš, Svatopluk
Démonstration constructive du théoréme de Pohlke-Swarz

Stürzlinger, W. , Wild, C.
Parallel visibility computations for parallel radiosity

The radiosity method models the interaction of light between diffuse reflecting surfaces, thereby accurately predicting global illumination effects. Due to the high computational effort to calculate the transfer of light between surfaces and the memory requirements for the scene description, a&#x...

Šrámek, Miloš
An algorithm for fast voxel scene traversal

Together with improvement of tomographic methods of scanning 3D data, residing in an increase of distinguishing ability of the scanners, the quality of final 3D reconstruction of the data comes into foreground. An inevitable condition for visualization of small details, comparable with ...

Sojka, Eduard
Graf ponteciálu viditelnosti