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Šedivý, Miroslav
Italy in the european states system of the pre-march period: some reflections

The aim of the paper is to evaluate the role that Italy played in the European States System in 1830–1848 from a new, more realist perspective paying particular attention to the policy of Metternich’s Austria in the Apennines. As it attempts to prove, from 18...


Marengo, Alessandro
ZACHAR Péter Krisztián. Gazdasági válságok, társadalmi feszültségek, modern válaszkísérletek Európában a két világháború között Budapest: L’Harmattan, 2014. ISBN 978-963-236-955-6, 348 pages

Koudela, Pál
Civic gentry in Sáros county in the 19th–20th century: the history of Hazslinyszky family, part II.

In the first part of this sequence to discuss the concept of Hungarian gentry, its character, role in society and depiction in literature I wrote about the Hazslinszky family, its roots and most relevant member: Frigyes, representative of the first generation of a ...