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Netrhová, Tereza
Struktura feudální držby Plzeňského kraje v pobělohorském období.

The aim of this bachelor thesis was to express, how was changed the structure of feudal possession on teritory of Pilsen and Klatovy region by using the necessary sources. Specifically, it was a characteristic of distribution of possession in the middle of the 17th century,&#x...

Bürgerová, Lucie
Říjnová revoluce v Rusku

This bachelor thesis examines the particularities of the October Revolution in Russia. The work is divided into four main chapters. In the introductory section, the author focuses on the beginnings and the rise of communism and bolshevism. Second chapter discusses the situation in ...

Kožmín, Jan
Vývoj Finské republiky od jejího vzniku do roku 1931

The aim is to analyze the evolution and the emergence of the Republic of Finland and key events since independence up to the peak of the Great Depression and presidential elections in 1931. The key themes are Civil War, conflicts in Karelia and the related territorial...

Hauerová, Eva
Britská zahraniční politika ve 30. letech 20. století.

British foreign policy in the 30s of the 20th century is topic of my thesis. This British foreign policy is know as policy of appeasement. This policy was applied by Foreign Office throughout interwar period. The thesis gives an overview on important moments of appeasement...

Laubr, Vojtěch
Velká vlastenecká válka - Bitva o Kyjev, Bitva o Rostov

My bachelor thesis concerns with the events of so-called Great Patriotic War, in particular with the Battle of Kiev and the Battle of Rostov. Those battles contributed to slowing down the advance of the Nazi Germany and commenced the way to its final defeat in the fo...