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Recent Submissions

Taušner, Ladislav
Německo-britské námořní soupeření před první světovou válkou

In the period before the outbreak of war in 1914, German-British relations developed dynamically from basically friendly to mutually rival. One area that contributed to the dramatic transformation was the rivalry in naval armaments between the two countries. The aim of this paper i...

Hřivna, Antonín
Operace Seelöwe

The submitted diploma thesis analyzes the birth and gradual origin, planning and preparation of the amphibious operation codenamed Sea Lion, which was to take place in September 1940, but was postponed indefinitely and subsequently never carried out. The author mainly examines the dispu...

Mastný, Josef
Válka v Pacifiku - Operace Forager

The bachelor's thesis "The War in the Pacific - Operation Forager" will discuss the landing of American troops in the Marianas Islands, taking place in the summer of 1944, which was an important step towards the conquest of the Philippines. The author will discuss...

Němeček, Štefan
Příčiny britsko-americké války roku 1812

After the French revolution and after the first clashes in Europe, the United States of America became one of the main neutral powers. This position proved to be favourable for the states of the Union because it increased the amount of the trade with both belligerent....

Boříková, Michala
Nacistická cenzura a jiné zásahy do českého divadelnictví v Protektorátu

After the occupation of the Czech lands by nacist Germany army and establishment of Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in March 1939 growen the attendance in theatres. Czech theatre also became a very important phenomenon of this time. This bachlerol´s thesis is applyin the e...