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Recent Submissions

Hřivna, Antonín
Význam operace Fortitude pro úspěch operace Overlord

This work analyzes one of the most important and successful deceptive operations which occured during the Second world war. The main task of this diverse action (codenamed Fortitude) was to confuse the Germans and prevent them from accurately determining the place and time of ...

Najmanová, Michaela
Oscar Wilde a soumrak viktoriánské éry

This bachelor's thesis focusses on the life and work of Oscar Wilde and the controversies he provoked in the Victorian society. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyse Wilde's life and work in the context of the Victorian era, describe important moments in B...

Janský, Lukáš
Atlantický val pod velením polního maršála Erwina Rommela

The aim of the thesis is to describe the changes made by field marshal Erwin Rommel after he assumed command of The Atlantic Wall and to find out why it was so quickly broken in June 1944. The Atlantic Wall was one of the most ambitious project of Second&#x...

Vladyková, Pavla
Soukromý život Ludvíka XIV. a život na královském dvoře

This bachelor thesis focuses on the private and romance life of the French king Louis XIV, who lived between the years 1638 - 1715 and his life on the French court. Private and romance life ofLouis XIV of France affected not only the life in Palace of Versailles...

Štíchová, Michaela
Cesta Adolfa Hitlera k pivnímu puči v roce 1923

The aim of this thesis is to analyse the way of Adolf Hitler to the first attempt of the Nazi putsch in Munich between 8th and 9th November 1923, known as a "Beer Hall Putsch" these days. The thesis is mainly focused on Hitler's influence in the De...