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Haviar, Stanislav , Kozák, Tomáš , Meindlhumer, Michael , Zítek, Michal , Opatová, Kateřina , Kučerová, Ludmila , Keckes, Jozef , Zeman, Petr
Nanoindentation and microbending analyses of glassy and crystalline Zr(–Hf)–Cu thin-film alloys

Nanoindentation and microbending testing were used to investigate the mechanical properties of Zr(‒Hf)‒Cu thin-film alloys prepared by nonreactive magnetron co-sputtering. A detailed analysis of nanoindentation data and microscopic images of indents allowed a more precise determination of the effective...

Friesl, Michal , Libich, Jan , Stehlík, Petr
Fixing ice hockey’s low scoring flip side? Just flip the sides

The global sports industry is extremely competitive. We focus on ice hockey and propose a (largely) costless reform to its operations that can potentially enhance the sport's popularity by increasing the number of goals. The reform optimizes a logistic convention on the use of&...

Kumar, Nirmal , Čapek, Jiří , Haviar, Stanislav
Nanostructured CuWO4/WO3-x films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering for hydrogen sensing

High-purity films consisting of copper tungstate (CuWO4) and sub-stoichiometric tungsten oxide (WO3-x) were prepared by reactive sputter deposition. An original two-step deposition process was applied for their synthesis. First, a tungsten oxide thin film was deposited by dc magnetron sputtering ...

Kozák, Tomáš , Pajdarová, Andrea Dagmar , Čada, Martin , Hubička, Zdeněk , Mareš, Pavel , Čapek, Jiří
Ion energy distributions at substrate in bipolar HiPIMS: effect of positive pulse delay, length and amplitude

A bipolar HiPIMS discharge with a rectangular positive voltage pulse (with controllable amplitude, delay after the main negative pulse and positive pulse length) was systematically investigated by mass spectroscopy. The time-averaged spectra of ions measured at the substrate position exhibit a&#x...

Pitoňák, Martin , Novák, Pavel , Eshagh, Mehdi , Tenzer, Robert , Šprlák, Michal
Downward continuation of gravitational field quantities to an irregular surface by spectral weighting

In geophysical and geodetic studies, gravity inversion is typically performed such that observed gravity values are first continued downward onto a regular (planar, spherical or spheroidal) surface by solving an inverse integral transform, which originates from a classical solution to the fi...

Mandys, Tomáš , Kroupa, Tomáš , Laš, Vladislav
The Non-Linear Sandwich Structure Model for Low-Velocity Impact

This article is focused on progressive failure analysis of sandwich composite structure subjected to transverse low-velocity impact loading. A user defined material model considering non-linear behaviour of the composite skin of the sandwich structure was implemented into commercial software Abaqus&#x...

Rohan, Eduard , Heczko, Jan
Homogenization and numerical modelling of poroelastic materials with self-contact in the microstructure

We present a two-scale homogenization-based computational model of porous elastic materials subject to external loads inducing the self-contact interaction at the pore level. Microstructures under consideration are constituted as periodic lattices generated by a representative cell consisting of a sol...

Dyk, Štěpán , Smolík, Luboš , Rendl, Jan
Predictive capability of various linearization approaches for floating-ring bearings in nonlinear dynamics of turbochargers

A floating-ring bearing (FRB) is composed of a journal, a floating ring and a housing which are separated by two thin oil films. This system is inherently nonlinear and if it is lightly loaded or operated at high speeds, it is prone to the fluid-induced instability. ...

Zeman, Vladimír , Hlaváč, Zdeněk
Generalized modal reduction method for the dynamic analysis ofrotating mechanical systems

The paper proposes modal reduction method of the dynamic systems composed of linear nonconservative sub-systems coupled by nonlinear discrete couplings. Classical approach to the modal reduction is based on thetransformation of the generalized coor...

Zeman, Petr , Zuzjaková, Šárka , Čerstvý, Radomír , Houška, Jiří , Shen, Yi , Todt, Juraj , Jiang, Jiechao , Daniel, Rostislav , Keckes, Jozef , Meletis, Efstathios I. , Vlček, Jaroslav
Extraordinary high-temperature behavior of electrically conductive Hf7B23Si22C6N40 ceramic film

The high-temperature behavior of an electrically conductive, opaque and hard Hf7B23Si22C6N40 ceramic film with an amorphous structure was systematically investigated in air up to 1700 °C and inert gases up to 1600 °C. The film was prepared by reactive pulsed dc magnetron sputter de...

Choukourov, Andrei , Melnichuk, Iurii , Gordeev, Ivan , Nikitin, Daniil , Tafiichuk, Renata , Pleskunov, Pavel , Hanuš, Jan , Houška, Jiří , Kretková, Tereza , Dopita, Milan
Self-organization of vapor-deposited polyolefins at the solid/vacuum interface

Interactions between polyolefins and silicon substrates are investigated upon their physical vapor deposition under vacuum. Molecular dynamics simulations show that polyolefins unfold upon adsorption and that two macromolecules suffice to produce a stable nucleus. Supersharp probe AFM measurements reveal&#...

Batková, Šárka , Čapek, Jiří , Rezek, Jiří , Čerstvý, Radomír , Zeman, Petr
Effect of positive pulse voltage in bipolar reactive HiPIMS on crystal structure, microstructure and mechanical properties of CrN films

CrN films were prepared using three different configurations of the HiPIMS discharge mode and the substrate holder potential. We investigate the effect of a positive pulse voltage (30–400 V) in bipolar HiPIMS on the crystal structure, microstructure and resulting mechanical properties of...

Modenese, Luca , Kohout, Josef
Automated Generation of Three-Dimensional Complex Muscle Geometries for Use in Personalised Musculoskeletal Models

The geometrical representation of muscles in computational models of the musculoskeletal system typically consists of a series of line segments. These muscle anatomies are based on measurements from a limited number of cadaveric studies that recently have been used as atlases for creati...

Bobkov, Vladimír , Drábek, Pavel , Yafdat, Ilyasov
Estimates on the spectral interval of validity of the anti-maximum principle

We investigate the interval of validity for anti-maximum principle for quasilinear operator involving the p-Laplacian.

Belosludtsev, Alexander , Vlček, Jaroslav , Houška, Jiří , Haviar, Stanislav , Čerstvý, Radomír
Tunable composition and properties of Al–O–N films prepared by reactive deep oscillation magnetron sputtering

Houška, Jiří , Kozák, Tomáš
Distribution of O atoms on partially oxidized metal targets, and the consequences for reactive sputtering of individual metal oxides

Čapek, Jiří , Batková, Šárka , Matas, Martin , Kos, Šimon , Kozák, Tomáš , Haviar, Stanislav , Houška, Jiří , Schusser, Jakub , Minár, Jan , Dvořák, Filip , Zeman, Petr
Bixbyite-Ta2N2O film prepared by HiPIMS and postdeposition annealing: Structure and properties

Li, Binlong , Ozeki, Kenta , Ryjáček, Zdeněk , Vrána, Petr
Thomassen’s conjecture for line graphs of 3-hypergraphs

Drábek, Pavel , Langerová, Martina
On fourth-order boundary value problem with singular data

Bobkov, Vladimír , Kolonitskii, Sergey
On qualitative properties of solutions for elliptic problems with the p-Laplacian through domain perturbations

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 188