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Netrvalová, Michaela
Statistický rozbor vzdáleností planetek dané skupiny a možnosti jeho využití ve výuce

The aim of diploma thesis is to provide statistical analysis of mutual distances of selected group of minor planets and to describe usage of this topic in the education at the secondary school. The first chapter contains related information about minor planets definition...

Štěpánková, Veronika
Kovy v pracovní výchově na 1. stupni ZŠ

In my thesis, I present working ideas proven through primary school classes and pro-vided for use in after-school programs. The theoretical section of the thesis addresses history of metals, ordered chronologically by their occurrence or date of discovery. Furthermore, it focuses on cra...

Pánková, Martina
Historie výuky geometrie 11-15letých žáků

The aim of this study is to map the teaching of geometry of pupils from 11 to 15 years old, from Theresian reforms to the present, on the area of the Czech Republic. At the beginnig of work, the educational systems in the given period are analyzed. The next...

Skalová, Michaela
Čas a časové údaje ve výuce matematiky na 1. stupni základní školy

The thesis deals with a questions of how children at lower grade basic school perceives time and time records they have to learn during their studies. It focuses on an evolution of child in age between 6 and 11 years. I was searching for a time information in&#x...

Knetlová, Anna
Mnohostěny a jejich využití ve výuce

The aim of my diploma thesis is preparation of texts for individual lessons on polyhedrons, realization of lessons and evaluation of individual lessons. The diploma thesis is divided into 3 larger units. The first part gives a brief look at the history of regular polyhed...

Kříž, Oldřich
Počítačová integrace racionálních lomených funkcí

Main purpose of this diploma is to show basic principle of integration rational function and methods to make computer algorithms easier.

Batková, Dominika
Matematická soutěž na 1. stupni základní školy

The main aim of my diploma thesis was to attract interest in counting by means of mathematical competitions and to point out that even mathematics can be entertaining. The appropriate methods must be used to activate children in classes, I chose competitions and games. T...

Stará, Lucie
Činnosti vedoucí ke správnému chápání rovinných útvarů \nl{}na 1. stupni

This diploma thesis ocuppies with the activities leading to the correct understanding of planar shapes at the primary school. The theoretical part describes the characteristics of all planar shapes that pupils normally meet in their lives. The analysis of math textbooks shows the c...

Fronk, Michal
Eliminační metody v novověku

This work builds on the author's bachelor thesis "Elimination Methods - Historical View" from 2016. It starts with a description of Etienne Bézout's procedures, which have been already shortly described at the end of the previous theses. Beside Bézout's procedures there ...

Neužilová, Michaela
Okruhy s malým počtem prvků

This diploma thesis deals with the topic of finite algebraic structures (namely, small-order circuits, but also contains a topic related to the group).This work builds on the knowledge that students obtain from algebra classes and summarizes the basic properties of finite groups of ...

Kotková, Pavlína
Využití pracovních činností ve výuce matematiky na 1. stupni

This diploma thesis focuses on use of Crafts in teaching Mathematics. It is also about making acutall products and implementig them into Mathematics classes. The thesis is divided into two parts. Theoretical part provides explenation of basic terminology realted to Czech national...

Kastlová, Karolína
Úsečka v učivu matematiky 1. stupně

The thesis deals with the topic "A Line Segment In the Math Curriculum Of Primary Education". Information about basic geometric terms is written in the theoretical part. It is focused primarily on the term "line segment" and also its inclusion in the math...

Šašková, Klára
Využití samo vytvrzovacích hmot na 1. st. ZŠ

This diploma thesis is based on the theoretical knowledge about modeling materials, their practical use in primary schools and common techniques in working with them. Also, the summary of theoretical information about creativity, drawn from professional literature. I have focused on the ...

Eretová, Kristýna
Projektové vyučování v matematice na I. stupni základní školy

The thesis "Project Teaching in Mathematics at the First Grade of Primary School" is divided into several parts. The first part deals with the comprehensive characteristics of a child at younger school age. The second part approaches with the teaching of mathematics from ...

Dimová, Dana
Celá čísla v učivu matematiky na ZŠ a problémy s nimi

This thesis deals with teaching integers in Mathematics on primary school and with obstacles connected with this matter. The theoretical part deals with historical context concerning negative numbers, integers in particular years, absolute value, comparison of integer numbers and operations ...

Němcová, Lenka
Číselné soustavy, jejich převody a početní operace v nich

This thesis titled "Numeral systems, their conversions and arithmetic operations" deals with the general theory of number system, their history, principles of registrations and transfers of the numbers in the selected number systems. The work is divided into five chapters. The text...

Adamcová, Romana
Tvořivost a dovednost žáků 1. stupně ZŠ v 21. století

In the diploma thesis I am focusing on the significance of historical development of practical education, its main propagators - the Czech and Slovak representatives. Furthermore, I am concerned with development of creative skills in the environment of primary school as an objective...

Vlková, Jitka
Zlomky v učivu matematiky 1. stupně základní školy

The thesis is concerned with fractions in primary school curriculum. The theoretical part of the thesis elaborates topics related to the theory of fractions; as it delimits the term, its origin, definition, possibilities of application and teaching content. The attention is devoted to&#...

Krupičková, Veronika
Stolování ve výuce pracovních činností na 1. stupni ZŠ

The theoretical part of the diploma thesis deals with the description of the basic principles of dining and the rules of good behavior in the Czech Republic at primary school. It also describes the decoration of the festive tables and analyzes the teaching of dining and&#...

Wagner, Martina
Rozvoj neverbální tvořivosti za pomoci využití přírodních materiálů

This thesis discusses the development of nonverbal creativity in teaching work activities. Specifically refers to the possibility of developing creativity with the use of natural materials.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 146