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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Electronic, bonding, linear, and nonlinear optical properties of Na(2)MGe(2)Q(6) (M = Cd, Zn, Hg; Q = S, Se), Na2ZnSi2S6, and Na2ZnSn2S6 two metal-mixed chalcogenide compounds: Insights from an ab initio studyMahiaoui, R.; Ouahrani, Tarik; Chikhaoui, Abdelaziz; Morales-García, Ángel; Al-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak
2018Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Optical Gap of Two-Dimensional Halide Solid Solutions CsPb2 (Cl1-xBrx)(5)Chen, Yibao; Molokeev, Maxim S.; Atuchin, Victor V.; Al-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak; Auluck, Sushil; Alahmed, Zeyad A.; Xia, Zhiguo
2018Chairlike and Boatlike Graphane: Active Photocatalytic Water Splitting Solar-to-Hydrogen Energy Conversion under UV IrradiationAl-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak
2018Aktivní fotokatalytické dělení vody konverze solární a vodíkové energie: Chalkogenidový fotokatalyzátor Ba2ZnSe3 za viditelného ozářeníAl-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak
2018Fabrication and Characterization of a p-AgO/PSi/n-Si Heterojunction for Solar Cell ApplicationsHabubi, Nadir F.; Abd, Ahmed N.; Dawood, Mohammed O.; Al-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak
2018Enhancing the Electrical Properties of Porous Silicon Photodetector by Depositing MWCNTsAbd, Ahmed N.; Habubi, Nadir Fadhil; Al-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak; Mansour, Hazim Louis
2018Visible-Light-Responsive Sillén-Structured Mixed-Cationic CdBiO2Br Nanosheets: Layer Structure Design Promoting Charge Separation and Oxygen Activation ReactionsHuang, Hongwei; Al-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak; Auluck, Sushil; Jin, Shifeng; Tian, Na; Guo, Yuxi; Zhang, Yihe
2018Insight into crystal-structure dependent charge separation and photo-redox catalysis: A combined experimental and theretical study on Bi(IO3)3 and BiOIO3Huang, Hongwei; Chen, Feixu; Al-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak; Auluck, Sushil; Zhang, Yihe
2018Novel photocatalytic water splitting solar-tohydrogen energy conversion: CdLa2S4 and CdLa2Se4 ternary semiconductor compoundsAl-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak
2018One- and two-dimensional search of an equation of state using a newly released 2DRoptimize packageJamal, Morteza; Al-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak