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Makovský, Petr
Moderní teorie dlouhodobé spotřeby v kontextu "Mankiwovy" záhady

In this paper we are interested in the effects of the durable consumption. Main idea is about the so called Mankiw puzzle verification on the data sample of the current time series from Germany and the Czech Republic (quarterly data 2004Q1-2016Q4). In other word wh...

Kutlák, Jiří , Taušl Procházková, Petra
Komuinikace CSR aktivit: CSR reporting

This paper focuse on CSR reporting. The aim of this paper is to discuss several aspects influencing the CSR reporting in details and get more precisely information regarding CSR reporting topic in general. Firstly, there is a theoretical part aimed at general explanation...

Stros, Michael , Lee, Nick , Říha, David
A model of the prescription-pharmaceuticals sales process

The purpose of this paper is to determine the factors in marketing most relevant to achieving pharmaceutical sales success and their interrelations, as well as providing a prescription-pharmaceuticals sales process model. This will enable scholars to obtain a better understanding of&#...

Andrlík, Břetislav , Fialová, Dana
Daňová podpora výzkumu a vývoje v České republice

The paper deals with the issue of support of research and development in the Czech Republic and abroad. Support for research and development is generally divided into direct support and indirect support, where we will focus on the practical implications of indirect R &a...