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Městka, Petr
Optimalizace prostorového uspořádání

The thesis deals with the optimization of the spatial arrangement of workplaces in the mechanical division of STREICHER, spol. s.r.o. Plzeň. The aim of this work is to make a proposal for changing the spatial arrangement of workplaces, which will reduce material...

Musilová, Sára
Zlepšení ergonomie na pracovišti

The bachelor's thesis deals with ergonomics and subsequent rationalization of the workplace. It contains a theoretical part, which approaches the issue of ergonomics and rationalization of the workplace. The practical part of the work is further devoted to the a...

Dědič, Petr
Prostorového uspořádání výrobních a skladovacích ploch

This thesis dissert describes a spatial arangment of an assem-bly hall with the aim to implement new assembly line to two already existing ones. All of the arangments come from capaci-ty calculations and all of them were compared and desgined in a programe named Vistable.

Kortus, Kryštof
Možnosti virtuální kolaborace

The bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of using virtual reality for virtual collaboration. A high potential of usability can be expected in this area. The aim of the thesis is to create an application that, using virtual reality goggles and a selected server, mediate...

Volf, Jan
Měření fyzické zátěže

The bachelor thesis deals with workplace ergonomics and subsequent rationalisation. The first part of the thesis introduces the issue from the theoretical point of view. In the practical part of the thesis ergonomic analyses and evaluation of the obtained data are performed. Subsequentl...

Kunca, Martin
Využití virtuální reality pro BOZP

The goal of this bachelor thesis is to create an application for occupational safety for aerial work. Application will be developer for Oculus Quest 2 headset. This application will be only accessory for OSH training, this training cannot be replaced by an application. There w...

Šimek, Filip
Ergonomická studie

This bachelor thesis deals with ergonomics studies of chosen workplace. In first part is theoretical introduction, which introduce the issue. Practical part deals with application of chosen ergonomics methods and design improvement of workplace against current status

Rajtmajer, Radek
Využití hand tracking technologie ve virtuální realitě

The bachelor thesis deals with the introduction of hand tracking technology in virtual reality, analysis of the current state and subsequent implementation. The aim is to explore the implementation options and select one with the greatest potential. The implementation is carried ...

Pavlíček, Jan
Technicko-ekonomické zhodnocení robotizace pracoviště

This work evaluates the robotic workstation. First part is dedicated to the introduction of robotic Workstation problem (Industry 4.0 and robotics). Next part of work is about technique of evaluation (methods and parameters). Last part is devoted to the introduction of the Workstation&#...

Krňoul, Tomáš
Využití 5G sítí v průmyslové výrobě

The bachelor thesis is focused on the use of 5G networks in industrial production. The work describes this technology and the technology needed for it. The practical part presents the possibilities of use and examples from practice. At the same time, a questionnaire survey was...

Mikeska, Jan
Výpočet potřebné velikosti zásob

The bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of inventory and supply in the company. The introductory part describes the theoretical foundations for work processing. The kanban method is then described in detail, in which several possible formulas for calculating the number of kanban&...

Anapreyenka, Yauheniya
Vyvažování pracovišť montážní linky pro výrobu specifického produktu

The bachelor's thesis is focused on the assembly line balancing for the production of double-drum vibratory rollers for soil and asphalt compaction. To determine time consumption at workplaces of the line are used time records and analysis of time consumption. Part of the analy...

Vlk, Ondřej
Ergonomie pracoviště

The bachelor thesis deals with ergonomics and workplace rationalization. The first part is devoted to the theoretical knowledge about the given issue. In the practical part of this thesis, selected ergonomic analyzes are performed. Subsequently, proposals for improvement are suggested, based ...

Podolka, Jan
Využití MS Excel pro výpočty v oblasti financí

The theoretical part of this bachelor's thesis acquaints the reader with the history of spreadsheets, focusing on MS Excel. Furthermore, the thesis also focuses on the basics of financial mathematics and the types of interest rate accounting. The practical part of the thesis de...

Červíček, Patrik
Možnosti interakce v rámci virtuálního tréninku pro společnost Škoda JS, a.s.

The aim of the bachelor thesis is to create an application for virtual assembly in a virtual reality environment using the HTC Vive headset. The resulting application will serve as a training tool in the practice of assembly of complicated or expensive assembly units. Ap...

Koubovská, Michaela
Analýza logistických procesů

The aim of this work is the analysis of bottlenecks in the logistics of the company and the design of their corrective measures. The essence of the work is the creation of process maps and time frames of activities that help eliminate or completely eliminate the iden...

Krausová, Simona
Monitoring a analýza stavu implementace moderních manažerských trendů ve vybraných podnicích

This bachelor thesis monitors and analyzes the development trends in industrial management theory and briefly characterizes those that are relevant to managerial practice in the 21st century. The acquired knowledge was confronted with the reality of the selected companies, which basically co...

Klíma, František
Odhad dopadů implementace iniciativy Průmysl 4.0 v produkčních podnicích

This bachelor thesis focuses on the characteristic description of Industry 4.0, more precisely on individual technologies, on concepts, as well as on the work that can best describe the implementation and impacts on production companies. They were looking to analyze the problems, possib...

Čerňanský, Milan
Kalkulace nákladů produktu

The subject of this bachelor thesis, "Product cost calculation" is first acquaintance with the concepts of costs, cost calculation and their types and the subsequent incorporation of a case study, which was created for the needs of the Department of Industrial Engineering and&...

Hrčková, Karolína
Hodnocení lokální svalové zátěže pomocí metody EMG

The aim of this work is to make measurements of local muscular load using EMG methods and with the results perform categorization of selected work activities. in case of classification of work into the 3rd category, propose measures for workplace optimization, introduce measures in...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 121