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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004MIMIC - a language for specifying facial animationsFuchs, Thomas; Haber, Jörg; Seidel, Hans-Peter
20063D Human Animation from 2D Monocular Data Based on Motion Trend PredictionZhang, Li; Li, Ling
2009Partial visibility for virtual reality applicationPearce, D.; Day, A M.
2007A Study on Generation Method from Boundary Representation Model to Binary Voxel Model by Using GPUNakamura, Norihiro; Inoue, Yusuke; Teshima, Yuji; Nishio, Koji; Kobori, Ken-ich
2006Face-Based Perceptual Interface for Computer- Human interactionManresa-Yee, Cristina; Varona, Javier; Perales, Francisco J.
2006Automatic Human Body Modeling for Vision-Based Motion CaptureJaume i Capó, Antoni; Varona, Javier; González-Hidalgo, Manuel; Mas, Ramon; Perales, Franciso J.
2007Viewpoint Selection Based on Fechner Type Information Quantities for 3D ObjectsOba, Satoshi; Ikai, Takeo; Aoki, Shigeki; Yamashita, Takuya; Izumi, Masao; Fukunaga, Kunio
2017A fast and robust level set motion-assisted deformable registration method for surgical platform: comparison with conventional methodsKim, Daegwan; Kim, Namkug; Kim, Wookeun; Choi, Jongkyun; Song, Teaha; Jeong, Semi; Seo, Joon Beom; Lee, Sangmin
2016Toward a computational model and decision support system for reducing errors in pharmaceutical packagingQuigley, Carson; Shooter, Steven; Mitchel, Aaron
2018Actor 3D reconstruction by a scene-based, visual hull guided, multi-stereovision frameworkIsmael, Muhannad; Ramirez Orozco, Raissel; Loscos, Céline; Prevost, Stéphanie; Remion, Yannick