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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017MAELab: a framework to automatize landmark estimationLe Van, Linh; Beurton-Aimar, Marie; Krahenbuhl, Adrien; Parisey, Nicolas
2017Application of vision-based particle filter and visual odometry for UAV localizationJurevičius, Rokas; Marcinkevičius, Virginijus
2017CoUIM: crossover user interface model for inclusive computingAlmurayh, Abdullah; Semwal, Sudhanshu Kumar
2017Intelligent clothing size and fit recommendations based on human model customisation technologyLi, Runze; Zhou, Yangping; Zhu, Shuaiyin; Mok, P. Y.
2017A method of core wire extraction from point cloud data of rebarNishio, Koji; Nakamura, Noriyoshi; Muraki, Yuta; Kobori, Ken-ichi
2017Improving the ergonomics of hand tracking inputs to VR HMD’sDevine, Scott; Nicholson, Chris; Rafferty, Karen; Herdman, Chris
2017A fast and robust level set motion-assisted deformable registration method for surgical platform: comparison with conventional methodsKim, Daegwan; Kim, Namkug; Kim, Wookeun; Choi, Jongkyun; Song, Teaha; Jeong, Semi; Seo, Joon Beom; Lee, Sangmin
2017QuadSIFT: unwrapping planar quadrilaterals to enhance feature matchingFilax, Marco; Gonschorek, Tim; Ortmeier, Frank
2017fastGCVM: a fast algorithm for the computation of the discrete generalized cramér-von mises distanceMeyer, Johannes; Längle, Thomas; Beyerer, Jürgen
2017Human action recognition in videos: a comparative evaluation of the classical and velocity adaptation space-time interest points techniquesAlmeida, Ana Paula G S de; Espinoza, Bruno Luiggi M.; Barros Vidal, Flavio de