Title: Elektrónová a pásová štruktúra CuMnAs študovaná optickou a fotoemissinou spektroskopiou
Band structure of CuMnAs probed by optical and photoemission spectroscopy
Authors: Veis, Martin
Minár, Jan
Steciuk, Gwladys
Palatinus, Lukáš
Rinaldi, Christian
Cantoni, Matteo
Kriegner, Dominik
Tikuišis, Kristupas Kazimieras
Hamrle, Jaroslav
Zahradník, Martin
Antoš, Roman
Železný, Jakub
Šmejkal, Libor
Martí, Xavier
Wadley, Peter
Campion, Richard P.
Frontera, Carlos
Uhlířová, Klára
Duchoň, Tomáš
Kužel, Petr
Novák, Vít
Jungwirth, Tomáš
Výborný, Karel
Citation: VEIS, M., MINÁR, J., STECIUK, G., PALATINUS, L., RINALDI, C., CANTONI, M., KRIEGNER, D., TIKUIŠIS, K. K., HAMRLE, J., ZAHRADNÍK, M., ANTOŠ, R., ŽELEZNÝ, J., ŠMEJKAL, L., MARTÍ, X., WADLEY, P., CAMPION, R. P., FRONTERA, C., UHLÍŘOVÁ, K., DUCHOŇ, T., KUŽEL, P., NOVÁK, V., JUNGWIRTH, T., VÝBORNÝ, K. Band structure of CuMnAs probed by optical and photoemission spectroscopy. Physical Review B, 2018, roč. 97, č. 12, s. nestránkováno. ISSN 2469-9950.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: American Physical Society
Document type: článek
URI: 2-s2.0-85043986617
ISSN: 2469-9950
Keywords: Spintronika, DFT, fotoemissia, optické vlastnosti, CuMnAs
Keywords in different language: spintronics, DFT, photoemission, optical properties, CuMnAs
Abstract: Študovali sme tetragonálnu fázu CuMnAs ktorý je kľúčový materiál pre antiforromagnetickú spintroniku. Hlavným výsledkom je porovnanie elektrónovej štruktúry vypočítanej za pomoci LSDA+U s optickou a fotoemissnou spektroskopiou
Abstract in different language: The tetragonal phase of CuMnAs progressively appears as one of the key materials for antiferromagnetic spintronics due to efficient current-induced spin-torques whose existence can be directly inferred from crystal symmetry. Theoretical understanding of spintronic phenomena in this material, however, relies on the detailed knowledge of electronic structure (band structure and corresponding wave functions) which has so far been tested only to a limited extent. We show that AC permittivity (obtained from ellipsometry) and UV photoelectron spectra agree with density functional calculations. Together with the x-ray diffraction and precession electron diffraction tomography, our analysis confirms recent theoretical claim [Phys. Rev. B 96, 094406 (2017)] that copper atoms occupy lattice positions in the basal plane of the tetragonal unit cell.
Rights: © American Physical Society
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