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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Experiments with automatic segmentation for czech speech synthesisMatoušek, Jindřich; Tihelka, Daniel; Psutka, Josef
2008Towards automatic audio track generation for Czech TV broadcasting: Initial experiments with subtitles-to-speech synthesisHanzlíček, Zdeněk; Matoušek, Jindřich; Tihelka, Daniel
2004Recent improvements on ARTIC: czech text-to-speech systemMatoušek, Jindřich; Romportl, Jan; Tihelka, Daniel; Tychtl, Zbyněk
2012Slovak unit-selection speech synthesis: creating a new slovak voice within a czech TTS system ARTICMatoušek, Jindřich; Tihelka, Daniel; Romportl, Jan; Psutka, Josef
2012On the impact of labialization contexts on unit selection speech synthesisTihelka, Daniel; Hanzlíček, Zdeněk; Machač, Pavel; Skarnitzl, Radek; Matoušek, Jindřich
2005Hybrid syllable/triphone speech synthesisMatoušek, Jindřich; Hanzlíček, Zdeněk; Tihelka, Daniel
2002German and czech speech synthesis using HMM-based speech segment databaseMatoušek, Jindřich; Tihelka, Daniel; Psutka, Josef; Hesová, Jana
2012Removing preglottalization from unit-selection synthesis: towards the linguistic naturalness of synthetic czech speechMatoušek, Jindřich; Skarnitzl, Radek; Tihelka, Daniel; Machač, Pavel
2011New slovak unit-selection speech synthesis in ARTIC TTS systemMatoušek, Jindřich; Tihelka, Daniel; Psutka, Josef
2011Towards linguistic naturalness of synthetic speechMatoušek, Jindřich; Skarnitzl, Radek; Tihelka, Daniel; Machač, Pavel