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Recent Submissions

Ul-Haq, Bakhtiar , AlFaify, S. , Ahmed, Rashid , Butt, Faheem K. , Shaari, Amiruddin , Khan, Saleem Ayaz , Laref, Amel , Chaudhry, Aijaz Rasool
Highly absorbent cubic structured Siliconmonochalcogenides: Promising materials for photovoltaic applications

Exploring the high-efficiency materials for next-generation optoelectronic and photovoltaic applications is of great importance. In this article, we explore the potential of the newly designed cubic-structured Siliconmonochalcogenides (π- SiS, π-SiSe, and π-SiTe) for photovoltaic and optoelectronic applications....

Bruncko, Jaroslav , Šutta, Pavol , Netrvalová, Marie , Michalka, Miroslav , Vincze, Andrej
Pulsed laser deposition of Ga doped ZnO films - Influence of deposition temperature and laser pulse frequency on structural, optical and electrical properties

The contribution deals with Ga doped ZnO films (deposited from a sintered target composed of 99.0 ZnO and 1.0wt % of Ga2O3) prepared by pulsed laser deposition (PLD). Experimentally were compared the deposition parameters influence on structural, optical and electrical properties. The v...

Abd, Ahmed N. , Habubi, Nadir Fadhil , Al-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak , Mansour, Hazim Louis
Enhancing the Electrical Properties of Porous Silicon Photodetector by Depositing MWCNTs

In the present work, multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) layers dispersed in DMF and citric acid deposited by drop casting on porous silicon (PSi) photodetector have been prepared by electrochemical etching (ECE) process at 25 mA/cm(2) for 20 min. X-ray diffraction (XRD), atomic fo...

Huang, Hongwei , Chen, Feixu , Al-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak , Auluck, Sushil , Zhang, Yihe
Insight into crystal-structure dependent charge separation and photo-redox catalysis: A combined experimental and theretical study on Bi(IO3)3 and BiOIO3

Solar-driven conversion for CO2 reduction and oxygen activation reactions show huge potentials for energetic and environmental applications. However, the influence of crystal structure of a photocatalyst on its photocatalytic performance has been seldom investigated so far. Herein, to probe the r...

Al-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak
A novel photocatalytic water splitting solar-to-hydrogen energy conversion: Non-centro-symmetric borate CsZn2B3O7 photocatalyst

The photocatalytic performance of the novel borate CsZn2B3O7 is theoretically investigated by means of density functional theory. The calculation highlights that the packing of the BO3 structural unit is the main source for the large macroscopic photophysical properties in CsZn2B3O7 due to&#...