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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A genetic programming-based regression for extrapolating a blood glucose-dynamics model from interstitial glucose measurements and their derivativesDe Falco, Ivanoe; Della Cioppa, Antonio; Giugliano, Angelo; Marcelli, Angelo; Koutný, Tomáš; Krčma, Michal; Scafuri, Umberto; Tarantino, Ernesto
2019Convexity in scientific collaboration networksŠubelj, Lovro; Fiala, Dalibor; Ciglarič, Tadej; Kronegger, Luka
2019A Clustering Approach to Path Planning for Big GroupsSzkandera, Jakub; Kaas, Ondřej; Kolingerová, Ivana
2019Automatic face recognition with well-calibrated confidence measuresEliades, Charalambos; Lenc, Ladislav; Král, Pavel; Papadopoulos, Harris
2019Towards Translation of Semantics of Automotive Interface Description Models from Franca to AUTOSAR Frameworks : An Approach using Semantic SynergiesDe, Sangita; Niklas, Michael; Rooney, Brian; Mottok, Juergen; Brada, Přemek
2019Deep Learning for Text Data on Mobile DevicesSido, Jakub; Konopík, Miloslav
2019Coherent subhologram-based computer generated display hologramLobaz, Petr
2019Measurement of indoor environment parameters in a classroom equipped with heat recovery unitJiřinec, Jakub; Rot, David; Šenkýř, Vojtěch
2019Identification and classification of DICOM files with burned-in text contentVčelák, Petr; Kryl, Martin; Kratochvíl, Michal; Klečková, Jana
2019Cross-lingual word analogies using linear transformations between semantic spacesBrychcín, Tomáš; Taylor, Stephen; Svoboda, Lukáš