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Vaněk, Jan , Machlica, Lukáš , Psutka, Josef
Estimation of Single-Gaussian and Gaussian mixture models for pattern recognition

Single-Gaussian and Gaussian-Mixture Models are utilized in various pattern recognition tasks. The model parameters are estimated usually via Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) with respect to available training data. However, if only small amount of training data is available, the ...

Psutka, Josef , Švec, Jan , Psutka, Josef V. , Vaněk, Jan , Pražák, Aleš , Šmídl, Aleš , Ircing, Pavel
System for fast lexical and phonetic spoken term detection in a czech cultural heritage archive

The main objective of the work presented in this paper was to develop a complete system that would accomplish the original visions of the MALACH project. Those goals were to employ automatic speech recognition and information retrieval techniques to provide improved access to the&#...

Psutka, Josef V. , Vaněk, Jan , Psutka, Josef
Speaker-clustered acoustic models evaluated on GPU for on-line subtitling of parliament meetings

This paper describes the effort with building speaker-clustered acoustic models as a part of the real-time LVCSR system that is used more than one year by the Czech TV for automatic subtitling of parliament meetings broadcasted on the channel ČT24. Speaker-clustered acoustic models ...

Kanis, Jakub , Peňáz, Petr , Campr, Pavel , Hrúz, Marek
A methodology for automatic sign language dictionary creation

In this article we present the the sign language dictionary being developed by a research team of University of West Bohemia, Masaryk University and Palacký University. The aim is to create both an explanatory and a translation dictionary with respect to the linguistic...

Kanis, Jakub , Hrúz, Marek , Campr, Pavel
Metodika pro automatizovanou tvorbu slovníku znakového jazyka

Krňoul, Zdeněk , Hrúz, Marek , Campr, Pavel
Correlation analysis of facial features and sign gestures

In this paper we focus on the potential correlation of the manual and the non-manual component of sign language. This information is useful for sign language analysis, recognition and synthesis. We are mainly concerned with the application for sign synthesis. First we extracted fea...

Legát, Milan , Tihelka, Daniel , Matoušek, Jindřich
Pitch marks at peaks or valleys?

This paper deals with the problem of speech waveform polarity. As the polarity of speech waveform can influence the performance of pitch marking algorithms, the simple method for the speech signal polarity determination is presented in this paper. We call this problem peak/valley&#...

Legát, Milan , Grůber, Martin , Matoušek, Jindřich
The issue of checking the volume consistence of speech corpus during recording

This paper deals with the problem of checking the consistency of the speech corpus during recording in terms of the level of speech power of individual recordings. The question was whether or not setting of the limits of RMS value is useful for checking the volume co...

Legát, Milan , Matoušek, Jindřich
Pitch contours as predictors of audible concatenation artifacts

This paper deals with the traditional problem of the occurrence of audible discontinuities at concatenation points at diphone boundaries in the concatenative speech synthesis. While most of the related studies put stress on the spectral component, we focused on the pitch contours and&#x...

Machlica, Lukáš , Vaněk, Jan
UWB system description: EVALITA 2009

The report describes two UWB systems submitted to the EVALITA 2009 evaluation campaign. Both systems are based on the UBM-GMM approach. Our main motivation laid in the investigation of complementarity of simple UBM-GMM systems in order to achieve a robust performance ...

Machlica, Lukáš , Vaněk, Jan , Zajíc, Zbyněk
Fast estimation of gaussian mixture model parameters on GPU using CUDA

Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) statistics are required for maximum likelihood training as well as for adaptation techniques. In order to train/adapt a reliable model a lot of data are needed, what makes the estimation process time consuming. The paper presents an efficient implementa...

Matoušek, Jindřich , Psutka, Josef
ARTIC: a new czech text-to-speech system using statistical approach to speech segment database construciton

This paper presents ARTIC, a brand-new Czech text-to-speech (TTS) system. ARTIC (ARtificial Talker In Czech) is a concatenation-based system that consists of three main, relatively independent, components: speech segment database, text analyzer and speech synthesizer. A statistical approach to speech&...

Matoušek, Jindřich , Psutka, Josef , Krůta, Jiří
Design of speech corpus for text-to-speech synthesis

This paper deals with the design of a speech corpus for a concatenation-based text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis. Several aspects of the design process are discussed here. We propose a sentence selection algorithm to choose sentences (from a large text corpus) which will be read and&#x...

Matoušek, Jindřich , Tihelka, Daniel , Psutka, Josef , Hesová, Jana
German and czech speech synthesis using HMM-based speech segment database

This paper presents an experimental German speech synthesis system. As in case of a Czech text-to-speech system ARTIC, statistical approach (using hidden Markov models) was employed to build a speech segment database. This approach was confirmed to be language independent and it was...

Matoušek, Jindřich , Tihelka, Daniel , Psutka, Josef
Automatic segmentation for czech concatenative speech synthesis using statistical approach with boundary-specific correction

This paper deals with the problems of automatic segmentation for the purposes of Czech concatenative speech synthesis. Statistical approach to speech segmentation using HMMs is applied in the baseline system. Several improvements of this system are then proposed to get more accurate seg...

Matoušek, Jindřich , Tihelka, Daniel , Psutka, Josef
Experiments with automatic segmentation for czech speech synthesis

This paper deals with the automatic segmentation for Czech Concatenative speech synthesis. Statistical approach to speech segmentation using hidden Markov models (HMMs) is applied in the baseline system .Several experiments that concern various issues in the process of building the segmentation&#...

Matoušek, Jindřich , Romportl, Jan , Tihelka, Daniel , Tychtl, Zbyněk
Recent improvements on ARTIC: czech text-to-speech system

This paper presents recent improvements on ARTIC - the modern Czech corpus-based text-to-speech system. As a statistical approach (using hidden Markov models) was applied to create an acoustic unit inventory, several improvements concerning acoustic unit modelling, clustering and segmentation have...

Matoušek, Jindřich , Tihelka, Daniel
Slovak text-to-speech synthesis in ARTIC system

This paper presents a brand-new Slovak text-to-speech system. It was developed within the framework of ARTIC system (primarily designed to synthesize Czech speech) with respect to the knowledge of Slovak language. Thus, statistical approach (using hidden Markov models) was employed to build&...

Matoušek, Jindřich , Hanzlíček, Zdeněk , Tihelka, Daniel
Hybrid syllable/triphone speech synthesis

In this paper, the syllable, an alternative phonetic unit to the phone, is researched in the context of speech synthesis. Several approaches to syllable modelling within the statistical approach (using hidden Markov models) to the acoustic unit inventory creation are proposed and evalua...

Matoušek, Jindřich , Kala, Jiří
On modelling glottal stop in czech text-to-speech synthesis

This paper deals with the modelling of glottal stop for the purposes of Czech text-to-speech synthesis. Phonetic features of glottal stop are discussed here and a phonetic transcription rule for inserting glottal stop into the sequences of Czech phones is proposed. Two approaches t...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 96