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Siegmund, Stefan , Stehlík, Petr
Time scale-induced asynchronous discrete dynamical systems

We study two coupled discrete-time equations with different (asynchronous) periodic time scales. The coupling is of the type sample and hold, i.e., the state of each equation is sampled at its update times and held until it is read as an input at the next update time...

Stehlík, Petr , Vopravil, Václav
John Horton Conway (1937-2020)

Angloamerican mathematician John Horton Conway was a universal and charismatic figure. He significantly influenced number theory, group theory, game theory, node theory, dynamical systems and recreational mathemaics. He became famous because of his unique personality and uncoventional approach to prob...

Holub, Přemysl , Lužar, Borut , Mihaliková, Erika , Mockovčiaková, Martina , Soták, Roman
Star Edge-Coloring of Square Grids

A star edge-coloring of a graph G is a proper edge-coloring without bichromatic paths and cycles of length four. The smallest integer k such that G admits a star edge-coloring with k colors is the star chromatic index of G. In the seminal paper on the topic, Dvo...

Ekstein, Jan , Fleischner, Herbert
A Best Possible Result for the Square of a 2-Block to be Hamiltonian

It is shown that for any choice of four different vertices x_1,...,x_4 in a 2-block G of order p>3, there is a hamiltonian cycle in G^2 containing four different edges x_iy_i of E(G) for certain vertices y_i, i=1,2,3,4. This result is best possible.

Holubová, Gabriela , Janoušek, Jakub
Suspension bridges with non-constant stiffness: bifurcation of periodic solutions

We consider a modified version of a suspension bridge model with a spatially variable stiffness parameter to reflect the discrete nature of the placement of the bridge hangers. We study the qualitative and quantitative properties of this model and compare the cases of constant ...

Marek, Patrice , Vávra, František
Comparison of Home Advantage in European Football Leagues

Home advantage in sports is important for coaches, players, fans, and commentators and has a key role in sports prediction models. This paper builds on results of recent research that—instead of points gained—used goals scored and goals conceded to describe home advantage. This off...

Chhetri, Maya , Drábek, Pavel , Shivaji, Ratnashingham
Influence of singular weights on the asymptotic behavior of positive solutions for classes of quasilinear equations

Main objective of this paper is to study positive decaying solutions for a class of quasilinear problems with weights. We consider one dimensional problems on an interval which may be finite or infinite. In particular, when the interval is infinite, unlike the known cases in&#...

Čada, Roman , Ozeki, Kenta , Yoshimoto, Kiyoshi
A complete bipartite graph without properly colored cycles of length four

The paper gives a global decomposition theorem for edge‐colorings of complete bipartite graphs without properly colored C4. As a corollary, a result on the existence of a monochromatic star is obtained.

Chhetri, Maya , Girg, Petr
Some bifurcation results for fractional Laplacian problems

We consider a nonlocal problem with the fractional Laplacian operator on a bounded domain with smooth boundary and depending on a bifurcation parameter near resonance at the principal eigenvalue. The nonlinear perturbation is sublinear at infinity. We use bifurcation theory to establish ...

Feng, Yan-Quan , Hu, Kan , Nedela, Roman , Škoviera, Martin , Wang, Na-Er
Complete regular dessins and skew-morphisms of cyclic groups

A dessin is a 2-cell embedding of a connected 2-coloured bipartite graph into an orientable closed surface. A dessin is regular if its group of orientation- and colour-preserving automorphisms acts regularly on the edges. In this paper we study regular dessins whose underlying grap...

Chhetri, Maya , Girg, Petr , Hollifield, Elliott
Existence of positive solutions for fractional Laplacian equations: theory and numerical experiments

We consider a class of nonlinear fractional Laplacian problems satisfying the homogeneous Dirichlet condition on the exterior of a bounded domain. We prove the existence of positive weak solution for classes of sublinear nonlinearities including logistic type. A method of sub- and super...

Gallet, Matteo , Lubbes, Niels , Schicho, Josef , Vršek, Jan
Reconstruction of Surfaces with Ordinary Singularities from Their Silhouettes

We present algorithms for reconstructing, up to unavoidable projective automorphisms, surfaces with ordinary singularities in three-dimensional space starting from their silhouette, or "apparent contour"-namely, the branching locus of a projection on the plane-and the projection of their singular ...

Papežová, Tereza , Böhmová, Hana , Marek, Patrice
Stability of extraction spaces closure in patients treated with four premolars extraction

Aim: The retrospective study aims to confirm/disprove the relationship between selected parameters and their change during the treatment and retention phase, and the repeated opening of extraction spaces in patients treated with four premolars extraction. Material: The sample comprised 42 pa...

Bastl, Bohumír , Slabá, Kristýna
Automatic generators of multi-patch B-spline meshes of blade cascades and their comparison

In this paper, we propose several approaches for automatic construction of planar multi-patch B-spline parameterizations around one or between two consecutive blade profiles in a blade cascade starting from given design parameters (blade cascade is obtained by unfolding a cylindrical cross-sectio...

Holub, Přemysl , Jakovac, Marko , Klavžar, Sandi
S-packing chromatic vertex-critical graphs

In this paper we introduce S-packing chromatic vertex-critical graphs, chi_S-critical for short,as the graphs G in which chi_S(G-u)<chi_S(G) for every vertex u of G. We show that a set of differences between chi_S(G) and chi_S(G-u) can be almost arbitrary. If G is chi_S-critical ...

Gastineau, Nicolas , Holub, Přemysl , Togni, Olivier
On the packing chromatic number of subcubic outerplanar graphs

Cibulka, Radek , Fabian, Marián , Roubal, Tomáš
An Inverse Mapping Theorem in Fréchet-Montel Spaces

Influenced by a recent note by M. Ivanov and N. Zlateva, we prove a statement in the style of Nash-Moser-Ekeland theorem for mappings from a Fréchet-Montel space with values in any Fréchet space (not necessarily standard). The mapping under consideration is supposed to be cont...

Cibulka, Radek , Durea, Marius , Pantiruc, Marian , Strugariu, Radu
On the Stability of the Directional Regularity

IIn this paper we select two tools of investigation of the classical metric regularity of set-valued mappings, namely the Ioffe criterion and the Ekeland Variational Principle, which we adapt to the study of the directional setting. In this way, we obtain in a unitary manner&#...

Cibulka, Radek , Roubal, Tomáš
Ioffe-Type Criteria in Extended Quasi-Metric Spaces

We study various regularity properties, including subregularity and semiregularity, of set-valued mappings acting in extended quasi-metric spaces. It turns out that this abstract framework allows to unify criteria for the usual (sub/semi) regularity as well as their directional and Hölder co...

Yin, Wenjie , Li, Tongqing , Zheng, Wei , Hu, Litang , Han, Shin-Chan , Tangdamrongsub, Natthachet , Šprlák, Michal , Huang, Zhiyong
Improving regional groundwater storage estimates from GRACE and global hydrological models over Tasmania, Australia

Accuracy of groundwater storage (GWS) estimates from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission usually has certain relations with hydrological models. This study develops a statistical selection approach to optimally estimate GWS from GRACE using two hydrological models: the Glo...

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