Katedra aplikované elektroniky a telekomunikací / Department of Applied Electronics and Telecommunications

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Křibský, Petr
Využití moderních průmyslových sběrnic v náročných prostředích

This thesis deals with methods for an estimation of state of charge of lithium ion batteries. This work contains a description of the basic principles of estimation the state of charge. The paper also includes a proposal of an unconventional method for estimation of state ...

Valda, Lukáš
Metody a algoritmy pro vyrovnávání napětí sériově řazených lithiových článků v akumulátorových sestavách

This thesis deals with the issue of balancing series-connected lithium cells in battery-packs, primarily focusing on Li-ion. The first part contains the description of the types of imbalances and their causes, manifestations and consequences, and discusses options for their suppression or el...

Fiala, Pavel
Elektronické komunikace - zpracování signálu v družicových systémech

This doctoral thesis is devoted to the proposal of highly efficient synchronization structures, which can be used within the concept of software defined radio partially implemented on an FPGA. I focus on algorithms for symbol synchronization and carrier phase synchronization. At present,...

Čermák, Karel
Embedded systémy a netradiční způsoby interakce s uživatelem

This thesis deals with the design of embedded platform for didactical aids development. The design was focused for special pedagogues needs in field of specific learning disabilities. On its base, the concrete didactical aids could be derived and they aim to reduce the specific...

Fikar, Pavel
Inženýrské principy v buněčné biologii (Engineering principles in cellular biology)

The use of Dielectrophoresis (DEP) generated by non-uniform electric fields showed to be an interesting alternative to standard flow cytometry technology enabling non-invasive label-free cell measurements. This thesis investigates Dielectrophoretic (DEP) cytometry from three per- spectives. First, the impo...