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Novák, Jaroslav , Votík, Jaromír , Štork, Milan , Zeman, Václav
Srovnání normativů tělesné zdatnosti čs. populace z r. 1976 se současnou sportující a nesportující populací

BACKGROUND: Results of national physical fitness survey of Czechoslovak population were published in 1976. The survey was part of International Biological Program IBP. The results are used as standards for evaluating fitness level and cardio-respiratory capacity of subjects till now. OBJECTIVES:&...

Zich, Jan
Tester modulu pro zpracování signálu z Čerenkovova detektoru v projektu AFP

The Cherenkov light produced by the detector is widely used in particle physics in order to detect primary and even secondary charged particles. The photomultiplier that follows the detector converts the Cherenkov light to the electrical signals. Depending on the experiment the photomul...

Štork, Milan , Mayer, Daniel
Direct currents in power transformers

The article is devoted to the physical nature of geomagnetism, magnetic storms and methods of predicting their origin and deals with geomagnetic induced currents called GIC (Geomagnetically Induced Currents) and their effect on power transformers. A simplified, single-phase transmission system is...

Burian, Petr , Broulím, Pavel , Bergmann, Benedikt
Study of power consumption of Timepix3 detector

The Timepix3 readout chip - the latest member of the Medipix family of hybrid pixel detectors - brought several new functionalities in comparison with the older Timepix, i.e. a high hit-rate, a time granularity of 1.5625 ns, a data-driven readout scheme (with a per pixel ...

Novák, Jaroslav , Štork, Milan , Zeman, Václav
Indirect cardiac output and stroke volume assessment during spiroergometric examination

Cardiac output can be accurately estimated from VO2 (oxygen consumption) during exercise in normal subjects and in patients with heart failure by measuring the LAT (lactate acidosis threshold) or VO2peak (peak oxygen consumption) during bicycle ergometer test. Hence, during step-vice increased&#x...