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Kaska, Jan , Orosz, Tamás , Karban, Pavel , Doležel, Ivo , Pechánek, Roman , Pánek, David
Optimization of reluctance motor with printed rotor

A novel way of optimizing a reluctance motor with rotor manufactured by 3D printing technology is presented. The optimization algorithms must take into account the tolerances of its production that are generally higher compared with classical processing, which requires a high level of&#...

Dachs, F. , Alozy, J. , Belyaev, N. , Bergmann, B. L. , Beuzekom, M. van , Billoud, T. R. V. , Burian, Petr , Broulím, Pavel , Campbell, M. , Chelkov, G. , Cherry, M. , Doronin, S. , Filippov, K. , Fusco, P. , Gargano, F. , Heijden, B. van der , Heijne, E. H. N. , Konovalov, S. , Cudie, X. L. , Loparco, F. , Mascagna, V. , Mazziotta, M. N. , Meduna, L. , Pernegger, H. , Ponomarenko, D. , Pospíšil, S. , Prest, M. , Rembser, C. , Romaniouk, A. , Savchenko, A. A. , Schaefer, D. , Schioppa, E. J. , Sergeeva, D. , Shchukin, D. , Shulga, E. , Smirnov, S. , Smirnov, Y. , Smolyanskiy, P. , Soldani, M. , Spinelli, P. , Strikhanov, M. , Teterin, P. , Tikhomirov, V. , Tishchenko, A.A. , Vallazza, E. , Vorobev, K. , Zhukov, K.
Transition radiation measurements with a Si and a GaAs pixel sensor on a Timepix3 chip

Growing energies of particles at modern or planned particle accelerator experiments as well as cosmic rayexperiments require particle identification at gamma-factors (𝛾) of up to∼105. At present there are no detectorscapable of identifying charged particles with reliable efficiency in this range...

Nuruyev, S. , Ahmadov, G. , Sadigov, A. , Akberov, R. , Ahmadov, F. , Holík, Michael , Kopatch, Yu.
Performance of silicon photomultipliers at low temperature

The performances of silicon photomultipliers with different structures are investigated at low temperature.The first sample is a micro pixel avalanche photodiode with deep buried pixel structure from Zecotek Photonics Inc. The second and third ones are multi-pixel photo counters with a surfa...

Akbarov, R.A. , Nuruyev, S.M. , Ahmadov, G.S. , Ahmadov, F.I. , Tyutyunnikov, S.I. , Sadigov, A.Z. , Mammadov, R. , Holík, Michael , Berikov, D. , Kopatch, Yu.
Scintillation readout with MAPD array for gamma spectrometer

In this study, we present the gamma-ray detection performance of LYSO, YSO(Ce) and BGO scintillators read out by a 9 ch. micropixel avalanche photodiode (MAPD) array with a high pixel density (PD) and photon detection efficiency (PDE). The array with an active area of 11,5x11,...

Bergmann, Benedikt, Ludwig , Billoud, Thomas Rémy Victor , Burian, Petr , Broulím, Pavel , Leroy, Claude , Lesmes, Catarína , Mánek, Petr , Meduna, Lukáš , Pospíšil, Stanislav , Sopczak, Andre , Suk, Michal
Relative luminosity measurement with Timepix3 in ATLAS

The capability of Timepix3 detectors installed in ATLAS to measure luminosity is evaluated. It is described how noisy pixels are identified and excluded. Two different methods for luminosity determination, i.e. cluster counting and thermal neutron counting are described and compared with eac...