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Tomiczek, Petr
Duffing Equation with Nonlinearities Between Eigenvalues

The article is primarily concerned with the measurement of heat recovery units for different work environments. At present, great emphasis is placed on indoor air quality. The quality of the indoor environment greatly influences the concentration, response, and overall quality of work. ...

Orosz, Tamás , Poór, Peter , Karban, Pavel , Pánek, David
Power transformer design optimization for carbon footprint

Cogeneration power plants have already been operated in the Czech Republic for several decades. These cogeneration power plants have been mostly operated with original technologies. However, these original technologies have to be continuously innovated during the entire operation time. This paper...

Lenc, Ladislav , Martínek, Jiří , Král, Pavel
Tools for Semi-automatic Preparation of Training Data for OCR

This article deals with issues arising during the design and production of a cold crucible (CC) for melting metals and alloys using electromagnetic induction. The article deals particularly with the results from tests and numerical simulations for designing the CC. The heat fluxes ...

Belik, Milan
Calculation of solid particle trajectory inside electrical separator based on measured values

This article discusses application of data acquisition device National Instruments NI PCI-6221 for electrical separator low cost monitoring. Results can be applicable for air protection and air pollution prevention. Measured basic electrical and environmental values are logged into a file. Furthe...

Jiřinec, Stanislav , Rot, David
Cold crucible HFG160

The aim of this article is to introduce the newly established laboratory of cold crucible. The laboratory of cold crucible is based on a high-frequency source HFG160 with working chamber and a closed cooling circuit. The devices are installed in the hall F2 in Science and...

Adamec, Michal , Beran, Miloš
Connection of renewable resources to power grid

This paper deals with the connection of distributed resources. It is divided into two parts. The first is devoted to renewable energy resources. The review of these resources will help to determine if they could reduce the global warming and if they could play a significa...

Tesařová, Miloslava
Teachware developed for students of UWB power engineering study programme

The developed software for the short-circuit analysis is intended for the students of the power engineering study programme offered by the University of West Bohemia. The program is based on the method of symmetrical components. The power system elements are modelled by equivalent ...

Hurt, Lukáš
Relation between the lighting and environment

The daylighting and the artificial lighting is a part of environment. The lighting plays an important role in life of everyone of us. We know that it is not possible fully replace daylighting by artificial lighting. The amount of daylight is important mainly in areas with...

Procházka, Martin
Doppelerdschluss in Mittelspannungsnetzen

Dieser Eintrag beschreibt die Problematik von Doppelerdschlüssen in einem Mittelspannungsnetzen. Es wurde eine Messung an einem Notzmodell mit eingebauter Distanzschutz durchgefürt, und der Eintrag enhält beschreibung und die Ergebnisse von der Modelation.

Tůma, Ivan
Quality of input data at defign of distributed cogeneration systems

The quality of input data is essential at designing systems for combined heat and power production. Because of relatively high investment coasts, it is needed to select a suitable electrical adn/or thermal output, so that the system´s yearly utilization ratio is as high as...

Martínek, Zbyněk , Nechanický, Milan , Novák, Pavel
Methods of processing and utilization of biomass energy

This article deals with possibility of biomass utilization and methods of its processing. Further deals with a heating power and characteristic of each biomass fuel. Sources of biomass fuels and their power potential are described. At the end are described two power plants, which&#...

Noháčová, Lucie
Renewable energy resources for electrical energy generation in the Czech republic

This article presents the general information about the opportunities for utilization of renewable energy resources for electrical energy generation in the Czech Republic and the forecast to 2010. There are several types of power generators that can be used in a power system. In&#x...

Noháčová, Lucie
Distributed power systems - wind power energ: the today possibilities and opportunities in the Czech republic

This article presents the general information about the opportunities of renewable energy resources in the Czech Republic and the forecast to 2010 in power engineering. The future for renewable energy resources in Czech Republic looks more promising then ever. The utilization of renewab...

Bělík, Milan
Monitoring of 20 kWp photovoltaic system

The document describes influence of basic meteorological value to proposition of photovoltaic arrays. Results from 3 years long measurements on demonstration system are displayed in supporting figures and tables. Next part features experiences gained during installation and trial run of 20 k...

Heřman, Antonín
Renewable energy sources and harmonic polution of the network

Recently the range of types and the number of units of power electronic systems and other equipments causing harmonics and interharmonics rise sharply. This paper describes how and why harmonics and interharmonics are generated, how their presence affects the electrical system and equip...

Mühlbacher, Jan , Nechanický, M. , Novák, P. , Heřman, A.
Impacts of renewable and alternative energy sources on operation and stability of electrical network

This paper deals with the evaluation of renewable and alternative energy sources network interconnection and their impacts on the operation and stability of electrical network. The article shows the dependence of the voltage level magnitude in the point of common connection on the ...

Beran, Miloš , Mühlbacher, Jan , Rieger, David
Education and training in nuclear engineering in the Czech republic

Although the number of nuclear scientists and technologist may appear to be sufficient today in some countries, there are indicators, e. g. declining university enrollment, changing industry personnel profiles, dilution of university course content, and high retirement expectation, that future ex...

Noháčová, Lucie
Distributed power systems: the situation of wind power plants in the Czech republic

This article presents the current situation of renewable energy resources in the Czech Republic from the point of view of wind power energy and describes some of their technical operation problems. The utilization of renewable energy resources is the priority of the energy industry...

Škorpil, Jan , Lukášek, Jan
Wind speed energy: speed and unit power wind maps

Power levels of new wind power units are increasing and their axes reach heights about 100m over ground with the rotor diameters about 90m for 4MW unit. It is very necessary to know long term average values of the wind speed and others stream relations in these ...

Bělík, Milan , Škorpil, Jan
Usage of photovoltaic systems issue

The use of renewable energy sources is very fashionable nowadays. But is it really the best way to solve the growing lack of energy? Are thermosolar and photovoltaic systems pleasant for our environment? These and similar questions must be seriously examined and the public mus...

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