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Kysela, Adam
Electromagnetic emissions of AC high-voltage corona

This article deals with the corona discharge and electromagnetic emissions. It describes the emergence of discharge and its manifestations. It describes the measurement set, and used measuring instruments. Measurements were carried out on the tip-electrode system hemisphere. It demonstrates the e...

Kroupa, Oldřich
Example of induction heating computer simulation

In this paper I describe a computer simulation example, based on the requirement of practice. Changes of electromagnetic, thermal and dilatation field distribution of turbo-generator shrink-ring are solved here. The aim is to fit the shring-ring to the body of the turbo-generator rotor&...

Rot, David
Conductor´s ampacity

This article deals with the high voltage conductor ampacity. The aim of this paper is a preliminary description of the impact of ambient temperature on the final temperature of a conductor and the conductor’s sag caused by that final temperature at a defined current load. ...

Tesařová, Miloslava
Power quality and quality of supply

This paper deals with term Power Quality and its reference to terms Voltage Quality, Continuity of supply, and Quality of Supply. There are described the main voltage disturbances and voltage characteristics given by the standard EN 50160. In final part of the paper power qual...

Ščerba, Eduard
Biomass as a source and as a perspective of the renewable energetics in the world, Europe and in the Czech republic

Biomass it the oldest used fuel of the mankind (approximately 40 000 years) and still today it is important worldwide source of the energy. Its proportion on the world energetic balance according to up to date source is around 16 %. The highest proportion of the biom...

Bělík, Milan
Usage of solar energy in Spain

This article deals with conditions for usage of solar energy in Spain. It discusses the current status of legislation in Spain and it analyzes the PER (Renewable Energy Plan). It also focuses on installed power and some most important photovoltaic installations.

Noháčová, Lucie
Ökologische verbrennungsanlagen im Pilsner region

This paper describes the opportunity in the energy generation and energy use by the Pilen heat power station and their positive impact on the environment by the biomass integration for energy generation. Also describes the opportunity in the Pilsen region to build complex for ...

Šafařík, Miroslav , Noháčová, Lucie , Královcová, Veronika
Nowadays technological possibilities of biomass application

The renewable sources have a high priority in national energy concept. However it is important to know that these types of energy cannot fully cover the whole demand of energy given by the primary sources and nuclear energy. Nevertheless it is essential to implement the r...

Benešová, Hana , Škorpil, Jan
Configuration of thin-film photovoltaic cells

This paper discusses configuration of thin-film photovoltaic cells, which are one of the new trends in the sphere of solar system. The first part of the paper is very shortly introduction to problematic of the Sun energy and its utilization in the sphere of photovoltaic. ...

Kroupa, Oldřich
Computer simulation of induction crucible furnace with supplementary construction element

In this paper the author deals with computer simulation which follows from the requirement of practice. Electromagnetic field distribution around a crucible induction furnace and changes in the distribution of this field using additional structural element (flat short-circuit thread) are solved&#...

Síťař, Vladislav
Simulation of electrical lines with distributed parameters in the program Dynast

This article deals with possibilities of electrical lines simulations. Two variants of simulation are introduced and described. Next, the article deals with the issues of electrical lines simulations, structure and usage of these models in the program simulations. Processes of actives quanti...

Tesařová, Miloslava
Network configuration impact on during-fault voltage in distribution systems

The changes in the supply network configuration can significantly influence the voltage at individual sites during fault events. The main mitigation method against interruptions is the installation of redundant components (parallel feeders, loop system, multiple sources). But the redundant components&...

Síťař, Vladislav
Simulation of non-linear load

This paper introduces one possible way to create of nonlinear loads in DYNAST program. Processes that are carried out when doing this creation are described. Next, the paper approaches possible faults that occur when creating particular network elements in DYNAST. At the end, harmo...

Raková, Lenka , Škorpil, Jan
Influence of photovoltaic power system on environment in the Czech Republic

Kouba, Daniel
Simplified assessment of connectivity of photovoltaic power plants in the low voltage networks

Bělík, Milan
Fire risks of photovoltaic systems

Majer, Viktor , Schufft, Wolfgang
Comparison of german and czech energetic sector in the field of RES

Hadrava, Jan , Galek, Vojtěch , Hrbek, Jan
Bezplamenné spalování radioaktivních a nebezpečných odpadů v tavenině soli MSO

Molten salt oxidation is thermal treatment process of hazardous and radioactive waste. Organic-Based waste can be oxidatively destroy and while retaining inorganic and radioactive constituents in the salt. It has been considered as an alternative to incineration and may be a solution to...

Kaplan, Aleš
Analýza energetické bilance v teplárně a návrh na inovaci

This article is focused on energy balance of cogeneration power plant in Pilsen in the Czech Republic. Basic parameters of this power station are described and diagrams of average power balance in 2010 are presented. This analysis is focused on consumption of primary fuels, se...

Tauš, Peter , Kristófova, Denisa , Hovorka, Ivan
Vývoj a testovanie prototypu solárneho vzduchového kolektora na báze recyklovaných plastov

The paper presents the initial results of research aimed to developing of prototypes of solar air collectors made mostly from recycled plastic. In research conducted by the Centre of Renewable Energy in Košice were analyzed and subsequently selected the suitable materials for various&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 61 to 80 of 104