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Recent Submissions

Novikov, Konstantin , Kleinová, Jana
The Impact of Personnel Costs on the Competitiveness of Automated Manufacturing Systems

This article focuses on the competitiveness of industrial companies. It follows up on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which has dramatically changed the trends in the field of production. Its aim is a cost evaluation of automated manufacturing systems, mainly considering the impact of...

Broum, Tomáš , Kleinová, Jana
The Cumulative Functions Concept

The paper emphasizes the importance of respecting manufacturers’ and customers’ perspectives during product design. In the paper is a description of a new systematic approach to product functions. The output of the approach is the creation of cumulative product functions where both of&#...

Poór, Peter , Basl, Josef
Czech republic and processes of industry 4.0 implementation

This publication shortly describes the processes of Industry 4.0 implementation in Czech Republic. Firstly, concept of Industry 4.0 (and what lead to it – Industry revolutions 1-3) is presented. This is specifically targeted to Czech Republic. Next part describes various areas of Indust...

Šimon, Michal , Broum, Tomáš
Layout Calculations Related to Product Insourcing

The paper focuses on the examination of the product – layout connection. The main focus is on the impact of product complexity and product quantity on the final layout of an industrial plant. The examination is based on a practical case study of product insourcing to ...

Ahmad, Jamil , Latif, Muhammad , Hořejší, Petr
Investigation of an Elevator Dispatcher System

To provide an efficient elevator system, a variety of diverse and sometimes conflicting constraints have to be solved. This paper focuses on using discrete event simulation as a means to model and explore elevator dispatching strategies. Witness simulation software has been used as ...