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Polášek, Patrik
Model vlivu inovace výrobku na technologický postup a uspořádání výroby

The dissertation thesis deals with product innovations and its effect on the technological process of production, organization of work and the strain of a worker. In dissertation thesis are describes individual objectives of this thesis and hypotheses, which thesis tries to prove or...

Bárdy, Marek
Metodika pro zvýšení efektu metod a technik průmyslového inženýrství prostřednictvím předem definovaných dat, informací a vzájemných vazeb metod a technik průmyslového inženýrství

This thesis describes a design methodology for increasing the effectivity of methods of industrial engineering. It deals with issues relating to the use of necessary data, information and relationships in the application of industrial engineering methods. The thesis begins with a descr...

Kamaryt, Tomáš
Řízení údržby s ohledem na hospodárnost

Dissertation deals with evaluation of maintenance management system and ways how to improve it in key areas. There is clearly explained the issue of maintenance management in the dissertation. The maintenance is integrated within the product life cycle management in the thesis. The ...

Broum, Tomáš
Řízení nákladů produktu v předvýrobních etapách

The aim of this thesis is to develop a methodology with a new approach to product design through integration of cost management. Part of the methodology is approach enables product cost reduction. Methodology output is product corresponding to the target costs. The thesis is d...

Miller, Antonín
Plánování výrobních a logistických činností v síti podniků

The main aim of this dissertation thesis is to develop a methodology for selection of the most advantageous production variant in the network of enterprises and this mainly from multi-perspective (time, cost, workplaces utilization), or the methodology of manufacturing and logistics operatio...