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Blecha, Tomáš , Smítka, Václav , Bodnár, Michal , Štulík, Jiří
Simultaneous detection of NH3 and N02 by modified impedance spectroscopy in sensors based on carbon nanotubes

There are many gaseous substances that need to be monitored for possible damage to health or the environrnent. This requires many sensors. The solution to reducing the number of sensors is to use one sensor to detect several gaseous substances simultaneously. Efforts to simplify&#x...

Hlína, Jiří , Řeboun, Jan , Šimonovský, Marek , Syrový, Tomáš , Janda, Martin , Hamáček, Aleš
Study of new nitrogen-fireable copper-nickel thick film paste formulation compatible with thick printed copper

This paper is focused on a new copper-nickel thick film resistive paste which was designed and experimentally developed for the realization of low-ohmic power resistors. This copper-nickel paste has been designed for use in combination with thick printed copper conductors and in compari...

Hirman, Martin , Navrátil, Jiří , Radouchová, Michaela , Štulík, Jiří , Soukup, Radek
Influence of sweat on joint and sensor reliability of E-textiles

This article addresses reliability under the sweat of interconnection techniques for the mounting surface mounted device (SMD) components and fully printed humidity sensors onto conductive stretchable textile ribbons. Samples underwent testing for the effect of ageing by artificial sweat on their...

Skala, Bohumil , Kindl, Vladimír , Frivaldsky, Michal
Design, construction and calibration of the current sensor for medium frequency high-power electronic applications

The paper discusses design methodology, constructional alternatives and calibration procedure of current sensor suited for high-power semiconductor systems operated at medium switching frequencies (industrial contact and contactless power chargers). Even there are several types of the sensor on the ma...

Švarný, Jiří , Chládek, Svatoslav
Model-based bias controller for a Mach-Zehnder intensity modulator

A new dither technique is presented to control the bias voltage of an intensity modulator of the Mach-Zehnder type to maintain the quadrature operating point. This method is based on the direct calculation of the operating point deviation. The calculation uses an exactmathematicalmodel&...