Katedra pracovního práva a práva sociálního zabezpečení / Department of Labour Law and Law of Social Security

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Hromada, Miroslav
Aktuální otázky nároků z pracovních úrazů a nemocí z povolání

The article deals with current issues in the field of compensation for accidents at work and occupational diseases. On the one hand, it analyzes the recent decision of the Supreme Court, which defines the relationship between the Civil Code and the Labor Code. It also add...

Pavlátová, Jarmila , Hromada, Miroslav
Čas a jeho plynutí v pracovněprávních vztazích

The paper deals with the time in area of labor law. It focuses on questions where labor law has its special rules, deviating from civil code. There is a strong requirement for legal certainty in labor law relations. There for very short limitation periods are used. Specif...

Hromada, Miroslav , Kadlec Benešová, Eva
Kindergeld v české praxi určování výživného

The article deals with the German benefit called Kindergeld. Because its payment is linked to work in Germany, Czech judicial practice in determining maintenance is also dealing with it. The article seeks to find an answer to how the Czech courts should consider this benefit.