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Recent Submissions

Vintrová, Martina
Kanonická ustanovení ohledně sexuálního zneužívání nezletilých v historii latinské církve

Vintrová, Martina
Absolutione pluribus una simul. Historie a praxe tzv. společného rozhřešení

The article deals with the origin, the development of relevant regulation and today’s legislation of this extraordinary method of absolution, i.e. granting absolution to several penitents at once without prior individual confession, in the form of collective absolution, and pastoral comments ...

Hrdina, Antonín
Co se (ne)změnilo rekodifikací kanonického trestního práva hmotného

In his article, the autor comments on the fundamental changes introduced to the canon substantive criminal law by the Apostolic Constitution of Pope Francis Pascite gregem Dei of 23rd May 2021. After the reform of the matrimonial legal process in 2015, this is the second ...

Hrdina, Antonín
Neostrý pojem Augustinovy Řehole

In his article, the autor gives a brief classification of various texts of religious rules, which are usually associated with autorship of St. Aurelius Augustinus. The aim of the article is mainly to classify and explain the individual titles of these texts (Ordo monasterii, P...

Hrdina, Antonín
Méně známé téma: řeholní kanovnice

In his article, the autor recapitulates the history of the institution of religious canonesses and outlines their canonical position in canon law in effect – both general and particular (in the so-called own law – ius proprium). Finally, he mentions the restoration of the only...