Centrum tělesné výchovy a sportu / Center for Physical Education and Sport


Recent Submissions

Benešová, Daniela , Hranáč, Petr , Švátora, Karel
Vliv ideomotorické intervence v průběhu senzomotorického učení

The goal of our research is to assess the effect of ideomotor intervention in sensomotor learning of a movement task, which is focused on the ability of balancing with a subject. The research sample consisted of 60 persons at the age of 21-35 years (n=60). The experi...

Votík, Jaromír , Lavička, Jan
K problematice vzdělanostní struktury hráčů fotbalu

The education level of the population is generally of growing importance. It is an essential element of social and economic growth of society and individuals. The very specific problem is the education of the active, primarily elite (professional) sportsmen influencing their current per...

Švátora, Karel , Benešová, Daniela
Vliv předchozí informace na výkon v senzomotorickém testu

The objective of this study was to find out whether the different previous information, said to a subject standing before learning an unknown motion task, can influence the subject´s result in the given test. For the purposes of this study, as sensomotor test was used mir...

Votík, Jaromír