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Recent Submissions

Řeháček, Karel
Německá osidlovací společnost a její úloha v plánech na germanizaci českomoravského prostoru (1938–1945)

The chapter deals with the essence of existence and development of an important institution focused on the implementation of Nazi expansionary policy in Europe.

Řeháček, Karel
Plzeňské kroniky, paměti a letopisy

The article focuses on the development of historiographic production on the history of the city of Pilsen and specifically focuses on the 19th and 20th centuries.

Kilián, Jan
Raně novověké sepulkrální památky v kostele sv. Anny v Krupce

In the church St. Anna in Krupka in North Bohemia, which comes from the beginning of the 16th century and was significantly modified in the period of the High Renaissance, a total of nine historic tomb slabs from the 17th-18th centuries have been preserved to this da...

Morávková, Naděžda
Modern scholarly biography in the humanities: its teaching potential and possible pitfalls in post-totalitarian Czech society

This paper describes the changing role of biography in the context of historiographical methodology and the historian’s approach to research. The primary focus is on biographies by history scholars, though the same developmental tendency may be observed in contemporary biographies of promine...

Řeháček, Karel
Němečtí antifašisté na Karlovarsku v letech 1938–1948

The article deals with the issue of anti-fascist-minded Germans in the years 1938-1948 in the Karlovy Vary region and describes their fates before the occupation, during and after the war.