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Vachková, Iva , Kohout, Jiří
Ze světa neformálního vzdělávání

This article (editorial of monothematic issue of journal focusing on non-formal education) presents an introduction into problematic of non-formal education and related educational research in the Czech Republic.

Simbartl, Petr , Honzíková, Jarmila , Krotký, Jan
Rozvoj technické gramotnosti za pomocí počítačem řízených strojů

The article describes the use of 3D printers and laser plotter at elementary school. There are discussed possibilities of use and issues related to the actual use of these devices. The cost of these technologies is falling down, making it easier for elementary schools to ...

Honzíková, Jarmila , Krotký, Jan
Podpora technického vzdělávání v Karlovarském kraji

The article deals with the issue of the lack of technically educated workers in the Carlsbad Region and the support of primary school pupils from the region in studying the technical fields. Projects to support technical education in the region are introduced as well as o...

Simbartl, Petr
The evaluation of competencies in “crafts” – self-evaluation

We are focused on the part where the student can assess their own progress in learning – selfevaluation. According to the fact that learning is not only the time spent at school but also the preparation at home is necessary, the student needs to realize what progress...

Lerchová, Kateřina , Simbartl, Petr
Using paper in kindergarten to develop and estimate levels of fine motor skills

Currently, we have faced problems in the area of developing fine motor skills for pre-school and school children. As there has been a huge expansion of touch electronics, such as tablets in households as well as at schools, the necessity to use more fingers of a hand...